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Czar's bloodline is reliable for producing hardness of character and strong working drives.  PSD Tug & littermate Tessa, a Czar son & daughter used in the RCMP Breeding Program have produced eleven (11) confirmed RCMP PSD's, 2 in training.  Czar is among a group of select males we have frozen semen stored on for our personal use.

zar was an imposing black and tan German Shepherd with strong head and bones. He carried many characteristics of his sire Balli Panta-Rei and dam Pen z Jirkova dvora (daughter of Gero z Blatenskeho zamku). Czar had neutral behavior toward strangers, animals and was watchful of his property.  Czar carried very valuable balance in character with solid nerves.  Having received no formal bite training Czar quickly protected his owner on more than one occasion during their travels demonstrating clear judgment of these situations and bravery.  He was a very active dog with high endurance. His was a strong tracker, was good around stock with strong herding instinct often used by my father during the years he owned sheep and my father spent a lifetime around stock and dogs.

Czar carries excellent working genetics bringing in the following. 
  -his sire our Balli Panta-Rei carries the bloodline founded by Rolf v. Osnabrucker Land.
  -of primary importance the line of Ingo v. Rudingen originating in former East Germany.
  -blood of v. Kinschental renown for production of dogs shepherds used for guiding/protecting flocks of sheep is found in both Czar's sire and dam.
  -very old Czech & Slavic blood represented in a majority of dogs who regularly took part in the German Shepherd World Championship (WUSV). 
  -among the many success of these lines it is worthy to note that 2 of Balli's half brothers placed as the most successful competitors in NAPD/National Association of Police Dogs. 
  -in 1999 Arne Egidius, Czar's grandmother voted "The best working dog dam of the year" in the Slovak Rep. 
  -Balli worked private security in his earlier career and was a top producer of Law Enforcement & Service dogs. He was a top stud dog at the private kennel of the former head of genetics at the renowned z Pohranicni straze kennel. Balli earned ZVV3 with the honor of winning the ZVV3 Protection category at the 2003 Czech Rep. National Competition.

Czar's dam Pen z Jirkova dvora brings the bloodline founded by Utz v. Haus Schutting. Pen was a fine producing female for our program with offspring placed worldwide.  She had strong character, protection and tracking, was solid around my children even good with our cats. In her 9 plus years she had zero health problems. Pen's father Gero z Blatenskeho zamku was a top producing stud dog for the Czech Border Patrol, participated in the Czech Rep. Working Dog Championships, was V (Excellent) rated at the Czech Rep. Siegerhauptzuchtshau (National Conformation Championship). Gero was a dark sable with extreme hardness, civil drive and a sought after stud in the Czech Rep. used exclusively by the z Pohranicni Straze kennel. Gero was considered by Jiri Novonty as the hardest working, finest stud dog he had seen producing large dark sable litters, substantial bone, strong working drives, very good conformation and extreme hardness. Czar's mother Pen was from a repeat breeding between Gero and Ajka preformed by the former head of the border patrol breeding program.

Littermates of Czar:
PEARL, OFA Hips GOOD #GS-68438G26FPI OFA Elbows NORMAL # GSEL16007F26-PI.
LENORE, OFA GOOD # GS-77539G71F-PI (hips certified at 6 years of age).
Rain, BH.