Sire: Mambo z Pohranicni straze: OP1 (76,92), IPO3, ZVV3
Dam: Ajsa Bohemia Rom-Pam: CGC, TD,
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OFA Hips: GOOD # GS-84735G26F-NOPI
OFA Elbows: NORMAL # GS-EL25984F26-NOPI

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Iris is a elegant female of dark sable color, strong bones and excellent health. She demonstrates a love of tracking, and strong prey - ball drive. She shows desired natural suspicion of strangers and is a forward moving dog to anyone who brings a threat. She is very playful, affectionate and stable around my family and children. Her working drives and nerves are in correct measure for Search and Rescue and Police type work or a breeding program of such. Iris carries a pedigree loaded with significant dogs that guarantee the inheritance of working and service dog qualities. Iris has pups from her first litter being prepaired for SAR, competition areas, breeding prospects and family use.

From her father and mothers side Iris is of the 5th bloodline founded by Rolf v. Osnabruckerland. I imported Mambo z Pohranicni straze directly from the Czech Republic. A dog who needs little introduction, Mambo is recognized as one of the last real dogs to be bred in the z Pohranicni straze kennel and is a renown producer of a large number of working progeny worldwide. Medium large male with strong bones, head and dark pigmentation. He carries an excellent "V" rated conformation, excellent hips/elbows and is breed surveyed considerable courage, hardness and fight drive. He possess perfect build and ideal weight for a working dog, with movements that are absolutely firm and spacious. Hunt drive is extremely high, tracking and protection skills are very strong, ground speed into the helper is exceptional! His grips are full and powerful. He is a dog that can very easily handle an extreme amount of pressure. Mambo is a serious dog with a very "real" temperament yet very clear headed demonstrating super judgment around my children. He is a sharp dog that at the same time has very high prey drive. Mambo has huge enthusiasm and energy for all work and is enjoyable to work with. The biggest reward to Mambo for correct training is a thrown ball. He is a dog with very sound nerves. He is one of the very few working dogs in Europe to attain the prestigious ZVV3 title.

The majority of offspring Mambo has produced for Sapphire Shepherds have been placed into multiple working areas. Experienced and new working handlers in the areas of Search and Rescue, detection, police, working dog breeding programs, and sport SchH are all preparing Mambo pups from Sapphire Shepherds various females. Mambo has two daughters that are working service dogs, one for a hearing impaired handler and another working as a Dog Guide for her blind owner/trainer.

Ajsa is a large, beautiful dark sable female with real protection skills, and perfect tracking. Ajsa possesses a very strong working pedigree, many working Search and Rescue, SP/PS (Police Dogs) and level 3 sport dogs.

The genetics behind Iris guarantee the inheritance of working and service dog qualities of very desired stable and balanced temperament and excellent hip/elbow health. Offspring should be well suited for; Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, SchH, Personal and Family Protection.