Lary's Titles: ZVV3
0/0 (Excellent), DNA
Show Rating: Very Good
Breed Survey: Selected 1st Breed Class, 5Y1/N
Pedigree: 1 of 2
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Sapphire Shepherds imported the very well bred ZVV3 stud dog Lary Bret-Bett into the United States. This was made possible by a consortium of people who shared the same interest and goals, whose focus was on providing German Shepherd enthusiasts with world class working genetics. Lary retired into Texas and unfortunately died there at an early age in an accident. I have frozen semen in storage on Lary for private use. I will remember Lary for his unique upbeat personality, always busy and carrying something in his mouth, his huge retrieve drive, and drive to work for his handler. Lary's genetics strengthened bone structure and overall working ability. He brought hard working blood refreshed with beauty. Lary well demonstrated the ability while in Europe to be bred to various lines with success.

Lary was a strong, medium large, black male. He was selected 1st breeding class with very good conformation. He carried excellent hips, clear elbows and was breed surveyed considerable hardness, courage and fight drive. His strength of nerve was very good. He was confident and he exhibited this in his ability to quickly adapt to any new environment and handler. His working drives were considerable, as noted by former head of genetics for the z Pohranicni straze government breeding program. Lary never attacked without reason. His protection skills where excellent with bites that where absolutely full and strong. His jumps toward the handler were bombastic!

Lary was utilized often for breeding in the Czech Republic. He sired many litters for the world famous working dog breeding program, owned and operated by both the former head of genetics and director of training of the world-renowned z Pohranicni straze (z PS) kennel. At the relatively young age of 5-1/2, Lary had sired well over 40 working litters at various top breeding programs in Europe. Lary received his ZVV 3 title under the training and handling of Jiri Novotny. There are only a few dogs each year that are of high enough caliber to be able to obtain the prestigious ZVV 3 title.

Jiri Novotny has this to say about Lary: “Hello Ramona, He has gained ZVV3 in 2005. I did it with him. He is the only son of CAK with ZVV3. His progeny I know has great retrieve drive, great biting and excellent working willingness. Their use is in S&R, Law Enforcement and top Sport. Lary has been used in different kennels. Best Regards, Jiri”. Jiri has also stated to Ramona in various correspondence that "Lary keeps the hips clean very well. His progeny is full of energy with good pigmentation, great ball and prey drives and excellent biting. His progeny is medium large, with lot of energy and working abilities for any purpose. He has an excellent blood from both sides. I use him to breed to any line I have because he is a great refresher of my blood".

Lary's bloodlines on both sides are strong. Lary's mother ONI Honajzer, a strong, solid black female, was the result of beauty and top training. She brings wonderful working blood to Lary's excellent pedigree, a 4,4 linebreeding on the exceptional producing stud dog INGO von Rudingen! Her grandmother, ASTA v. Hainecker belongs to 100% DDR (East German) blood going back to the best of the old vintage DDR stud dogs in history Don v Rolandsteich in her 3rd generation, along with v. Osterberg and v.Grafental lines. Her grandfather EMON ze Znojemskeho hradu leads the old style show line over VILO v. Arminius a ZVV2 level dog. EMON himself had very nice IPO3, ZVV2 rating and in his time he belonged to the hardest protection dogs in the Czech Republic! ONI was a very well know and proven producer of exceptional working dogs. Oni is also the mother of: Piko Bret-Bett: ZVV3, IPO3, FH1, ZPS2, ZPO1; Hips/Elbows: a-Normal. And the grandmother of: Atila z Kociciho dvora: ZVV1 (96/90/94), IPO1 (93/85/92), IPO2 (93/83/91), IPO3 (91/80/89), VPG1 (97/91/91), VPG2 (94/84/87), ZPO1 (92/90), Hips/Elbows: 0/0. Both of these males have been utilized in Europe as top producing stud dogs.

From his father's side, Lary belongs to the 6th blood line founded by Utz v. Haus Schutting over the great DAR z Przma and then DRAGO z Humnan over CIR z Vrtovske doliny over ABBE z Ansy and GERO Chmelovy kvitek to his father CAK Pisecna boure. It is worth noticing that all these ancestors represented the Czech Republic in top competitions and that almost all of them represented at FCI World Championship and WUSV Championship.