What We Do

Sapphire Shepherds believes the German Shepherd should remain a healthy working dog and we breed to achieve that goal. Genetics are the focus of our breeding program. We understand the value of learning from the mistakes and successes of those wise breeders who have come before. The superior bloodlines offered by Sapphire Shepherds are tried and true, historically proven over decades to consistently produce versatility time and time again.

The breeding program of Sapphire Shepherds is purposefully small, each breeding is carefully planned and the results critical to the kennel’s success. We breed to produce healthy German Shepherds that carry the characteristics to work successfully for various needs. We produce German Shepherds that will fit into and improve our own future program goals or help expand genetics for others. We work with private owners and government run kennels around the world.

Sapphire Shepherds follows the time-honored formula of producing, hand selecting and training our own exceptional females which possess quality and health, combined with superb pedigrees. Our males are also selected for quality and health, and their ability to produce versatile workability.

Ramona lives with, works and knows her dogs. Each dog in her breeding program spends time in the house, auto, hiking, traveling and around children and family. From her excellent breeding program Ramona has personally temperament tested, hand selected and in some cases even started, numerous pups for her client’s various personal and working needs. These select pups have gone on to work successfully for their owners. Ramona offers the discerning client a very rare and valuable opportunity to purchase a German Shepherd from a breeder that is truly “hands-on” in every aspect of a breeding program. Many of Ramona’s dogs in her breeding program have been owned and worked by her for several generations back in a pedigree. Ramona has an excellent ability and record of being able to distinguish between what different pups are best suited for and she has successfully selected pups for the following areas;

Personal and Family Dogs

Single and Dual Purpose Law Enforcement Dogs

Search and Rescue Dogs

French Ring

SchH competitors from club to National competition level

Working Dog Guide for the Blind and Hearing impaired


Competitive Agility, Obedience and Tracking for AKC.

Sapphire Shepherds is always looking toward the future and breeding with the “total” dog in mind.  

Quality, not quantity will always prevail.