Envy von Firelight; SOD1 N/A, OFA Good/Normal, GSDCA Temperament Test Certified, CGC, Protection trained

Envy is a joyful, lively female bred from an outside kennel, Envy is very active, social, controllable and healthy. She has good drives for training with beautiful dark pigment. Her sire was a Czech import, rated OFA Excellent/Normal, very strong drives/aggression, big dark sable trained in all 3 phase from a strong Czech pedigree going to the famous Tom z Ps through Gall Zia-Mi (his littermate Gia rated OFA Excellent/Normal). Her dam was an A rated Slovak import.  She was a good brood female with good character out of a very strong dam line; both dam and grand dam are SVV3 titled and both are from good sized litters with several titled healthy littermates. Early training videos of both her sire and dam while they where young can be found on the internet.  Her 4 generation pedigree contains renown males and females;  Car z Kostolianskej cesty, Tom z Pohranicni straze, Cato Katargo (goes back to Titus z Pohranicni straze), Nick Heiligenboesch, Lery Naspo, Grim z Pohranicni straze…..to name a few.  Envy has a 5 -4 line breeding on DDR Schh III KKL 1 Derrik vom Haus Iris