RETIRED BROOD. V-Pen z Jirkova dvora CGC ZVV1 (98-79-92) 5JX1/P 1st Breed Class 0/0

Czech Import, dam of our Czar of Sapphire Mountain Good/Normal, Frozen semen purchased by the RCMP. V rated beautiful female, Pen had super social behavior, a lively personality with strong tracking skills and loved to preform protection!  An excellent brood to her pups, she produced hard, healthy dogs and had many fine offspring for us! Pen was the daughter of 2*UM CR V-Gero z Blatenskeho zamku, 5JVQ1/P, a(0/0), OP1, ZM, ZPS1, IPO3, SchH3, ZVV3 & V-Ajka z Jirkova Dvora, 5JI2/P, a(0/0), ZVV1
The strong genetics of Pen remain in our kennel today!
Some of our offspring from Pen:
Czar of Sapphire Mountain: Good/Normal, semen sold to RCMP. Proven producer of Police dogs.
Kiera of Sapphire Mountain: SAR dog multiple certified MT. Owned by DVM Gina Clouse
Zeke Daniels: National Competitor SchH3 High in trial all 3 phases 91-92-98.
Award of VP 3 (highest conformation rating a 6-9 month old can receive).
SchH1, High in Trial 100-96-100. SchH2 very high scores 98 – 96 – 95. OFA Good
V-Otto of Sapphire Mountain: CGC, BH, AD, TD, TDX, IPO3, SchH3,  FH1
Breed Survey: KKL 1 LBZ, OFA Good / Normal. a normal
Rain of Sapphire Mountain:
Black Pearl of Sapphire Mountain:  OFA Good / Normal
Lenore of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good (at 6 years of age)