JETTA vom Feldhaus:


Sire: Showorks Razor: BH, AD, of Canadian Police Service Dog working and producing lines and 2 x winner of the Canadian Police Dog Championships!!
Dam: Foxi van de Biezenhoeve (Belgium), full littermate of:
(6 x FCI & WUSV World Team) Frodo van de Biezenhoeve; KK1, SchH3/IPO3/HPO3. 
Jetta's Hips/Elbows:
OFA; Hips; Fair Hip x-ray; click here.
Elbows/Normal; 1 of 2
Pedigree: Click here, DNA

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Jetta is a beautiful solid black female of excellent working Police Service Dog and top world level competior working genetics! Strong body type, good health, super solid nerves and balanced drives. A controllable female of outgoing character, very affectionate and very watchful of property. A favorite buddy to my youngest son and an excellent foundation brood female here at Sapphire Shepherds producing large, healthy litters of versatile working ability. 

The pedigree of Jetta both top and bottom is super! The top half of her pedigree carries a very strong line of working dogs who not only worked the streets as Police Service dogs, they also produced them!! Additionally, some of these dogs went on to compete and Champion at the Canadian Police Dog Championships. Canadian Police Service dog Appolo (TEL). TEL was 2 x winner of the Canadian Police Dog Championships. His sire ALDO vom Gertrudenstift was also a Police Service Dog for the city of Calgary. Jetta's dam brings in very strong working linage loaded with dogs who competited (some Championed) on the WUSV, LGA, FCI World and National teams. Jetta's dam Foxi is a full littermate to ( 6 x FCI & WUSV World Team) Frodo van de Biezenhoeve; KK1, SchH3/IPO3/HPO3.    

Offspring from Jetta is titled or certified in the following areas; SAR, Police and foundation stock for working dog breeding programs, IPO, Tracking, Agility. Jetta's blood improves health, workability, nerve and brings desired stable aggression and balanced temperament.

Jetta has the following line breeding within her 5 generation pedigree: von der bösen Nachbarschaft (Timmy - Troll) 5-5.