Bady ze Svobodného dvora:
 Hips/Elbows: 0/0, 1st. Breed Class, velmi dobry, 5CV1/P. Titled; ZVV1, IPO3, VPGA.
2010 VS Roudnice n. Labem 13. místo 85 81 92,  258  /  VS Třebíč 19. místo 95 78 89, 262  /  MR ČR Raspenava 31.místo 90 73 90, 253  /  CACIT Dobříš 10.místo 92 78 91, 261. #17 placement in Czech Republic Qualification CACIT for 2011 WUSV.

Bady came from an excellent litter (see below). His breeder is Ing. Pavel svobodaof owner of the ze Svobodného dvora kennel in the Czech Republic. Website;           
I want to thank the above breeder for giving me permission to use his photos of Bady.

Bady belongs to the 5th bloodline through his sire. From his dam side he belongs to the 3rd bloodline. Breeders and trainers in Europe that have used Bady say he is a medium large, strong male with good pigmentation and typical stud expression. From his ancestors he inherited strong working drives and hardness, excellent health and is an excellent learner. He is suitable to be used for breeding large females with good conformation to improve their working abilities.

Full littermates of Bady:
BASKO: Hips/Elbows: 0/0. Kkl1. Titled: IPO3, HM, ZVV1, ZPO1, ZPS1, FPr. 3 Police test, Winter competition Kacov IPO 3 - 1st place - best obedience and protection part. CZ elimination competition (track 98 p.).
BONA:  Hips/Elbows: 0/0. velmi dobry. Hips/Elbows: 0/0.Titled: IPO-V, ZZO, FPr3, ZPO1, ZVV3.
BORA:  Hips/Elbows; Normal. dobry, 4CV1/P 2. tr. Titled: ZVV3, OPT3, T3, ZPO1, Fpr2, IPO-V.