Basko offspring from Sapphire Shepherds;

Ursa of Sapphire Mountain: TD, Tracking Dog Titled
Dam: Brook of Sapphire Mountain: TD Tracking dog  (view Brook)
view OFA Report here. OFA Preliminary Evaluation Report, Hips: Fair / Elbows: Normal     
Uma of Sapphire MountainSAR dog New York; CGC, SAR
Certificate for Live Find, Certificate for Moving Subject, IPWDA Crime Scene, member of International Police Work Dog Association. 
Dam: Brook of Sapphire Mountain: TD Tracking dog  (view Brook)
Hips/Elbows: OFA Good/Normal
Email's received:

Uma was a "rock star". Over the four days  Uma had exposure with positive finds for tissue, bone, cremated, aged soil and lots of fluid.  My favorite scenario was a fire tower with three floors. It was dark and they were pumping smoke in. All floors had "bodies" in different locations, positions, etc. Our job was to clear the tower and locate the two hidden sources. Uma went right in with solid nerve and never spooked once!! Some dogs wouldn't go on the metal stairs or were getting spooked by the manikin bodies laying around. They had one source in a baby manikin in a crib. Uma jumped into the crib and downed on the wire springs to indicate- crazy!!
Needless to say we earned our Intl. Police Work Dog Assoc. Patch
Tell "Cato" we're setting up the scent boxes for him!- Linda

Hi Ramona and Happy New Year.  I've been forgetting to send you these pics of Uma!  She is doing wonderful and continuing her SAR training. These pictures were taken during a Water Cadaver Training session late this summer. She was hitting on scent 6ft deep at only 6 1/2 months old. We have quite a bit of snow now and she LOVES it!!  We will be going soon to meet my Ski Patrol Team and socialize on the mountain ( ha ha).I hope all is well in Montana. We would love to come visit maybe this summer.  Thanks again for picking out the best pup I could ask for!  Linda 

Hi Ramona,  Just wanted to send you a few pictures. Uma is doing great and already has picked up so much! The students love her! She has already started water training and we will be going to the Georgia K-9 Academy this summer. Thanks again for the best pup!!  Linda


Ulysses of Sapphire Mountain: CGC, BH, SAR Cadaver 1, TD, TDX, FH
Dam: Brook of Sapphire Mountain: TD Tracking Dog  (view Brook)

Hips: PennHIP 70th. Percentile.  OFA Hips/Elbows; Good/Normal
Eyes: Certified Healthy 

Email's received;
Hello Ramona,  Sorry I haven't updated sooner. I attended a schutzhund seminar this fall and was pleasently surprised. Some trainers there talk about some czech lines being VERY sharp. These same people do not know a single thing about any individual dog I have asked about in any Czech bloodline but will spout off their opinions about them. In front of these people one of the trainers (paid) teaching the work remarked "when selecting dogs to make a german shepherd you want some sharpness, without it you wouldn't have a very good german shepherd!" I just had to smile and thought you would too. Hope all is well on your end. I have checked the website and you have some beautiful pictures posted. Looks like you are training away too. It is hard to find oppurtunities here in Montana.
#2: Hello Ramona! Just got home from the vet and Toby has perfect eyes! So he will have his eyes posted in the cerf database. He is one healthy guy:)   Thank you!

Duncan of Sapphire Mountain: SAR NSDA Area Search II certified
Touché of Sapphire Mountain TD (view Touché)

Imrich of Sapphire Mountain; 'Cowboy' 
CGC, Truffle detection dog Winner of the 2017 JORIAD Truffle Dog Championship (out of 20 dogs competing), SOG (Single Odor Games), NW1 (fastest time container portion)
Dam: Ravenna of Sapphire Mountain

Ivar of Sapphire Mountain:
CGC (in training for IPO)
OFA Hip Preliminary Report: Good, elbows not yet done
Ravenna of Sapphire Mountain

Urso of Sapphire Mountain

Dam: Brook of Sapphire Mountain: TD Tracking dog  (view Brook)
Email's received:
Ramona, Just returned from the vet with a good bill of health. Urso has been fitting in nicely. Jake is actually spending time in the same living area with him. The puppy can chew. He is getting 3 walks a day and any chew toy we can find. He did swallow a long tail that we had to pull out of his stomach. Overall it seems like a good fit.
Thanks, Joe

Hi Ramona,  I believe Urso turned 1 today. I just wanted to let you know that he is going to be a great dog. He went through a tough time and ate everything from a Jeep seat to a trampoline. He decided that the crate was not for him and destroyed that too.  But about 6 weeks ago he started having the run of the house at night and has been great ever since.
We were concerned about bringing a new dog into the house with jakey. Jake has adjusted well. We has a 8 year old collie mix that Jake ignores. He is not thrilled with Urso,  but he will pet him occasionally. With autism and Down syndrome this is a big deal. And he is only 1.
One of the reasons we wanted him was family protection. I can tell you he has had a presence since he was 6 months. He comes out of the darkness and all of the sudden he is there.  He is calm when needed. He is still a puppy and a bit overwhelming at times. It is clear this is the dog our family needed.
Enclosed are two photos. One is him looking in on a meeting my wife was having with some local high school kids. The second was his happiness from being sprung from jail (he and Maggie dug under the fence). Thanks,  Joe

Uriah of Sapphire Mountain aka Rudi
Dam: Brook of Sapphire Mountain: TD Tracking dog  (view Brook)

Hello Ramona, Rudi(Uriah) has been a great fit for our family. I have attached a few photos at 20 weeks. Everything we do as a family, he wants to be with us and wants to please us. I couldn't imagine a better dog for our family. Thanks for sending him our way. Brian

Hi Ramona!  I just wanted to send a positive comment to you on your breeding program.  We have had "Rudi" Parker here for daycare and boarding and I am just so impressed with him.  He is a very well adjusted and solid pup.  He loves playing with the other dogs, but is also completely settled when crated inside.  His conformation is very nice and I LOVE his pigment.  The Parker family is doing a great job with his socialization and training, and they are keeping him on a high quality kibble with raw meals as well.

Best wishes for continued success with your program!  Jessica Harrison,  Romp N' Run Ranch, Texas

Email and photos received 4/4/14 from the owner of a Basko / Flame son; 
Hi Ramona,  Thought I'd send a couple new photos as Indy (Basko/Flame 9/13, Y litter) turned six months old recently.   He's just doing great.  I'd guess he's right about 60 pounds now, healthy as can be.  We finished our first obedience class last month and have just started the Canine Good Citizen's class.  I'll be honest, we have our work cut out for us to be ready for the test in just 4 weeks but we are going to try.  As you know, several of the CGC tests involved sitting still for strangers to pet and brush and Indy's still pretty playful with strangers, a bit bouncy for the test but we are going to work hard and see what one month brings.  He loves to "help" me in the yard and loves to play in the creek.  He would retrieve/catch my chickens pretty regularly for a while, without a scratch, but I had to stop that as I know his prey drive is too strong for that to stay safe in the long run.  Gun shots and thunder don't even cause him to blink, he's very steady.  Couldn't be happier!  I think he's pretty handsome, but I'm a little biased.  Jenny and Indy

Hi Ramona,  Was trying to take a few photos to send to my parents so they could see how much he's grown since Christmas and thought you might want to hear how he's doing.  He's doing great!  I couldn't be happier with him in every way.  He was very golden colored for a long time with baby hair but his adult hair is just growing in now and he's getting much darker.  He's lost two front teeth so far as well.  His ears were up tall and straight by 11-12 weeks.  

We are going to a beginning obedience class here in town as Catawba Valley Obedience Club said he was too young for their January class but we'll transfer later to their classes I think.  The local guy's class is too basic and crowded. But it gives us a chance to practice our sit's and down's with lots more distractions than at home so that's great.  

He's pretty independent at home, will play in the yard by himself with branches, etc and is very outgoing with new people we meet on our visits to town.  He will stand up and bark however, to strange dogs or cars at the end of the road and sound like a dog four times his size.  If people hear him bark or growl they would never guess he was only 3 1/2 months old.  He's about 32 pounds now by the way.  He comes with me to do chores and does well with all the farm animals so far, though he chases the chickens and cats if they run.  
Anyhow, he's great, having the best time with him.  Jenny Olson
Sorry the shots aren't great, I'm hardly a photographer and he moves a lot! Last photo is with the barn cat Lionheart. He is quite disappointed that she never runs from him.

Emails on Flame - Basko female pup from the Y litter:
Hi Ramona, We have been very busy out here. Yanaha is amazingly smart and extremely driven. Our days consist of morning hike- minimum of 3 miles over rolling terrain, afternoon bike or ski and an evening walk or run. High in drive that is a big 10-4. During our hikes I work with her on scenting and when we do family hikes we will play hide and go seek. I just love watching her work. She has done really well socializing friends dogs, my family's horses and my young nieces and nephews. Her favorite treats are apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and an occasional venison treat. Haley and Yanaha have started basic obedience through a lady here in Sisters. Here is my most recent photo @ 6months and 48lbs. Ramona we thank you so much for this wonderful gift. Everywhere we go we are complimented on Yanaha even GSD owners want to know about her and where she came from. We will check back in at 9months. the Sannes family.

Hi Ramona we couldn't have asked for a better pup. Shep wined for about 5miles and then fell asleep in Haley's lap. We drove straight through and got back about 11:30pm. No accidents whatsoever and now every time I start my vehicle she is at the door ready to go. Within the first week of training she knows her name, come, sit, down, off, release and no. Haley and I have started on some basic track laying in the back yard essentially hide and seek she does amazing for such a young pup. We had our first vet visit and she was so sweet and mellow 12lbs at time of visit. The vet suggested we chip her when we spay her so I agreed that would be okay. She does really well when we introduce her to other people and animals she is a social butterfly :). The Y name we came up with is Yanaha which is Navajo for one who confronts her enemy. Thanks again for a wonderful pup Happy Holidays. John, Beth, Haley & Shep Sannes.