Cato of Sapphire Mountain CGC, Search & Rescue dog IPWDA Certified Human Remains Land

OFA Fair/Normal, in training for BH
Much gratitude to Linda for allowing Cato to visit Montana for breeding

Cato is a fantastic, versatile all around working dog with good health, strong drives and super character.  He has the needed skills to train and work in a number of different areas.  Cato has full calm grips, strong dive, nerve and willingness to work for handler, very focused and methodical in his search work with high retrieve drive. He has no problem working around other dogs and people, is friendly yet can be serious if the situation calls for it. Cato's working pedigree is strong and he comes from a litter that produced a number of very nice dogs;

Cinder of Sapphire Mountain; owned by a National level Agility competitor, NA, NF, OAJ, OA, AX, NAJ
Charlotte of Sapphire Mountain; owned by Clarissa, BH, TD, DM Clear, Eyes Clear
Chase of Sapphire Mountain; owned by a Certified Nose Work Instructor & 2015
K9 Nose Work National Invitational competitor, who states Chase is a "searching fiend".

From his genetics it is safe to say Cato will produce pups with good health and versatile, all-round working drives
along with solid character.

Cato, Search & Rescue training day

Cato, early protection training photo

Linda and her Cato after a day of Search and Rescue training