These pups carry an excellent working pedigree. Both Xurk and Flame bring in an abundance of precious old Czech and strong West German blood.  These lines contain numerous dogs used in demanding Law Enforcement and top world level competition. 

Flame brings in excellent health and working traits along with a character that is 100 percent incorruptible to strangers, a trait that is getting harder and harder to find in the German Shepherds being bred today.  Flame is a stable, safe female around family members and children yet she possess a high degree of natural protectiveness and will swiftly protect her territory and family to any outside threat.  She is completely confident environmentally.

Xurk brings in health, strong working drives along with strong natural stable aggression if needed.  He is completely confident environmentally, around strangers and other animals.  Xurk is an excellent male in character, build and drives with a pedigree fully loaded with strong working dogs!

For all these above reasons we are holding onto some of their pups.

Other significant dogs in this pedigree we have owned or bred in our kennel are; Zoot of Sapphire Mountain, Rocky Venusina sopka, Varna z Pohranicni straze, Jetta vom Feldhaus, Ajsa Bohemia Rom-Pan, Lary Bret-Bett.