Envy offspring;

"TANK" able to romp and play in the desert dirt of NM.  What a lucky pup!

Hey Ramona, Lineage notebook was received early this week(not sure what day, they all seem to be just one long one). Thank you so much. I always love looking at all the dogs that contribute to the awesome qualities of "little Tank". He has been growing like a weed as I am sure you are aware. 29.6lbs. at 13 weeks, without any excess at all. Lean and muscular. The vet is very impressed with the little boy. I attribute his growth to having a 75 pound sparring partner(Kerri). They have a constant match going all the time around the house. Potty training is pretty much done. He is so smart and always ready to learn something new. His focus lasts about 10 minutes and then we play. A lot. I'm like a little kid again. I always enjoy the effect that puppies have on pretty much everyone that he meets. We have been doing socialization downtown so that he gets used to all the craziness that is out there in the world. Some dog contact, but mostly just people at this point. 

I have attached a couple of pictures for your enjoyment. I hope you and the rest of your family are doing well. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year!  Thanks again for all you do!!!   Dale

We wanted to wish a Happy New Year and thank you for bringing this little joy into our 2017. Exy (Tessa) loves playing in the snow. She is very smart, doing well in training and caught her first mole in the snow. Now she’s always on the hunt. Linda and Pri


Ramona,  Tango is incredible!  I adore him and his playful, always happy, always sweet personality.  He learns at lightening speed.  He is a master at mirroring my energy most of the time - that's a blessing.
He truly charms all who meet him and is at his best with just Jim and I and even better in small groups of my friends.  He's growing well, although stays lean.  Teeth are coming in.
He is getting some puppy play and getting much better in his dog to dog interactions.  He still can't wait to get the paper each morning and knows that's his job.
I am so grateful for such a  dog and for your knowledge of breeding animals that are beautiful inside and out.  For me, he is a gift from God and brings me joy.  (Jim feels the same, but wouldn't want me to say so, being a man and all). Kindest regards, Julia

Hi Ramona, He is just as active and happy as possible - we just had him at the beach. He spent 30 minutes digging holes and laying in them, chewing roots and wading in the waves and chasing birds. ...being a dog.  
I think he is a gift...from God and from you, Ex and Envy. 


She loves the snow and watching the deer come up in the yard in the early evening to eat corn. Boy she gets excited! And she loves to go for rides. Last week my dad was snowplowing the yards and she went with him in the pickup it was the cutest thing ever, she sat real close to him and would look out the window. She sure is a little doll! Everybody who meets her wants to take her home and puppy sit.  She is truly a blessing! Thank you so much Ramona!    Justice