Bred at Sapphire Shepherds, Jaxon is a very healthy dog to date, no skin, joint, eye or any other health issue reported.  He is strong nerved, intelligent and willing to train.  He shows solid judgment and confidence in all environments, has a good level of dominance with strong, stable aggression.  He is a male with very nice working drives that could have been prepared for Law Enforcement or trained in various high level competition. Jaxon's littermate Jade of Sapphire Mountain, is a active Police Service Dog in the Montreal Police K9 unit, Canada.
Jaxon was crossed with our brood female Flame of Sapphire Mountain.  Pups were good sized, forward moving with good working drives. To date we have received positive comments on the temperament of these pups with zero healthy issues reported from owners.  From this litter we have the future brood female Ravenna. Jaxon's genetics was exported from our breeding program via his frozen semen into the New Zealand Police Dog Breeding Centre. If they are successful with getting a litter from his semen we expect Jaxon to one day have working offspring in New Zealand.
Jaxon carries a very strong working pedigree from both his sire and dam. I know his genetics very well having owned or bred the following dogs in his pedigree here at Sapphire Shepherds;

Rocky Venusina sopka (grand-sire of Jaxon), foundation stud dog for Sapphire Shepherds.  Rocky was an extremely handsome, medium size German Shepherd dog with correct,  strong original conformation type.  He was a very strong working dog with excellent versatility in his working abilities.  He was a passionate retriever and excellent tracker.  He had strong hard defense accompanied with super well balanced working drives.  He had a strong love and will to work and was very agile and tenacious while working. His working bloodlines are outstanding.  Rocky's sire Tom z Pohranicni straze was one of the most successful stud dogs used in the breed of working dogs. He was a Police Service Dog who also became the winner of the 1999  International Stud Dog Show in Bratislava, Slovakia. Rocky's excellent producing dam was Hobby Venusina sopka, FH2, OP1, IPO3, IPO -FH, Czech National Participant. UM' CR', CATC (CZ). World  FH Championships Tracking, Finland, 2003. Hobby placed 7th out of 200 participants with a score of 186! High score that day by winner was 197. World FH Championships Tracking, Slovakia, 2002. Hobby placed 10th with a score of 180. The highest that day was only 193! Hobby possessed the old Czech working blood of the dog Dar z Przma.  Her grandsire Cir z Vrtovske doliny competed numerous times on the Czech Rep., and European levels. Rocky and Ramona attended several Search and Rescue training seminars in Montana and Wyoming along with completing 2 agility classes in Missoula, Montana.

Varna z Pohrancini straze (grand-dam of Jaxon), one of my excellent foundation brood females here at Sapphire Shepherds.  Varna was one of the last females raised in the renown z Pohranicni straze Police Dog  breeding kennel. Varna was NOT up for commercial sale, I purchased her privately.  A daughter of the great Argo z Travnickove dvora (pedigree very similar to Dargo Ha-Ja-Da), and daughter of Darka z Pohranicni straze. Darka was one of the most intensively used brood females in the z Ps kennel.  She is considered by some to be the finest producing daughter of Grim z Ps and valued highly for her dysplasia free and versatile working progeny. The pedigree of Varna enabled her to produce very successful and versatile working progeny.  Varna was very valuable also as her dam Darka came from 6 generations of puppies who all had perfect hips/elbows. Varna herself came from a 0/0 hip/elbow litter.  Her grandsire Aris z Travnickova dvora was famous for his 0/0 progeny.  Varna was a female with perfect boning and temperament!  She had very strong working drives, strong retrieve and protection but was also a great social dog and very easily controllable.

Rhea of Sapphire Mountain (dam of Jaxon), bred here at Sapphire Shepherds Rhea was a strong, healthy female  of classic-old style Czech working bloodlines. Her hips and elbows were certified OFA Excellent/Normal. She possesses excellent all-round character and working drives, strong retrieve, prey, and hunt drive.  Her grips are full and strong.  She was confident in all situations and showed neutral reaction to strangers and animals.  She has super charter with stable aggression. I trained and certified Rhea in Search and Rescue Cadaver Level 1. Rhea produced 3 litters at Sapphire Shepherds.  Her littermate Zoot of Sapphire Mountain had certified OFA Good Hips and Elbows Normal.  Zoot was also used as stud at Sapphire Shepherds. He was crossed with our fine brood female Jetta which produced our current Stud dog Xurk of Sapphire Mountain. Rhea was later purchased as a brood by the RCMP Police Dog Breeding Program in Canada.  She has been successful for their breeding program also as they are currently using offspring of hers in that program

Mambo z Pohrancini straze (sire of Jaxon), Mambo was imported directly from the Czech Republic by Sapphire Shepherds.  Mambo was a dog full of confidence with solid temperament. Had no hesitation putting a leash on him when he arrived at the Great Falls MT airport from overseas and he rode home in the back seat like we had done it many times before.  He was playful, pushy, persistent, respectful of other animals and was safe around my kids and family members.  He was usually easy to work with providing you had some experience with a dominate dog. His character put him in the group of dogs that I have owned who would not give up in a fight. To strangers he was neutral, if that stranger made a wrong move he was quick to make his presence known. The offspring Mambo produced here with Sapphire Shepherds various females was placed into multiple working areas and family homes in the USA and Canada; search and rescue, law enforcement, working dog breeding programs, and competition areas. Mambo also had two daughters selected from our breeding program that became working service dogs, one for a hearing impaired handler and another working as a Dog Guide for her blind owner/trainer. This proves much about the stability, intelligence and versatility Mambo and my females produced in their offspring and the working genetics offered by Sapphire Shepherds. Mambo was a well proven producer of highly trainable offspring well equipped for true working situations to family needs. He was known for passing his strength, speed and complete working drives onto his offspring. His pups demonstrated a love of tracking, good hunt drive and hardness of character. Many showed the ability to adapt quickly and feel at ease in new environments, demonstrating solid nerves and correct social judgment.  For these reason's Mambo was widely used as stud.

Below are photos of Jaxon and his litter of pups from Flame at Sapphire Shepherds.  Pups were good sized, forward moving with well round working drives. To date we have received positive comments on the temperament of all these pups with zero healthy issues reported from owners of this litter.
Jaxon with Dan.