Client's email's & photo's on our offspring from Little Bear;

Gem of Sapphire Mountain; Future brood for Sapphire Shepherds
OFA Preliminary Rated; Hips Good / Elbows Normal
DM; Clear N/N

Genghis of Sapphire Mountain

I want to start tracking this spring too. Hope to stop by this summer and let you see Genghis. Everyone here is so impressed with your breeding line. He is a lot of dog! Ron   (7 month old Genghis passionate about his bite work!)

I think Sarah visited our club looking for a breeder, looked at Genghis and ordered a J Litter pup from you. She will probably join us after she gets her pup. Ron         (7 month's old and absolutely stunning!)

Hi Ramona.  Here is a pic from todays first training day at the IPO club. This trainer and one later in the day both say Genghis is a solid dog, well worth whatever we paid for him. Strong drive but well controlled, good re-bite. We are having another session Tuesday.  Ron

Gunner of Sapphire Mountain: call name Drago; Canada
Certificates: CGN, HIT Herding Instinct Test, PSA PDC
OFA Preliminary Rated; Hips Good / Elbows Normal

Hey Ramona,  I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how Drago is doing.. We are coming along nicely in PSA and will officially begin trialing next year. He sure is a head strong dog and still quite immature, but when it's time to focus he does a good job. I know I've said it before, but he has great nerves. I recently took him to a protest against a really bad roadside zoo just East of us and the patrons were very aggressive towards us as they were coming and going. People were looking for a fight...I brought him out just as a deterrent and he was fantastic. Friendly towards my friends and watchful towards the patrons who were behaving aggressively. It was the first time that I have ever felt unsafe at a protest and I was so grateful to have him there. He will be accompanying me from this point on to all events of that nature. His weight is steady at 84lbs and he is lean and muscular. He has developed a SERIOUS LOVE for water and I try to get him out to swim once  week. I could barely get him out of the pond yesterday! Food wise it's like a switch flipped and he'll only eat raw now, but prey model only...he will not eat ground raw. He absolutely hates veggies too! He is developing into such a fine dog. I hope that all is well out in Montana with the kennel and your family.  Take care, I'll be in touch soon-

Hi Ramona, Drago just passed his Herding Instinct Test. The instructor was very happy with his performance. Nice dog comments all around!  Have a good day.  Leah

Hi Ramona,   I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I would also like to sincerely thank you (which I don't think I've done) for my puppy Drago. I am in awe of him. He is intelligent, rowdy, silly, sharp, bold, brave and loving. Interestingly, he reminds me of his Aunty Malka sometimes. He is a dog's dog! He is everything that I could have wanted and more. Thank you so much again. I have attached a picture from the photo shoot. Unfortunately I won't get the others for at least 2 more weeks. The picture is him at 4 months old and 48lbs! We'll be in touch!  Sincerely, Leah

Hi Ramona,  I just wanted to send a quick email about Drago. Last night we had our first official puppy class, and not to brag, but he's ahead of the game already. I actually think that class may be boring for him! There were 2 other German Shepherd puppies in class and he was by far the most confident and focused pup. The instructors took notice of him right away. After our sessions there are over I will be starting training with a Schutzhund guy that I've known for about 13 years. He's a pup that needs a challenge, and he needs to use his brain! I think Schutzhund style obedience is more up our alley. I took him to a horse and dog rescue/sanctuary yesterday also to visit a friend who is fostering a Shepherd with DM, and he saw horses there for the first time. He was great with them. He was interested and not intimidated or afraid at all. He even got one of the horses to play with him through the fence. On the way home we stopped in at Bass Pro and I took him in to walk around. Again, he was great! The fire alarm went off and he didn't even bat an eye. He twitched his ears and look at me like, What's that obnoxious noise? He's awesome. I've attached a couple pics for you. Have a good day! I'll be in touch. Leah

Hi Ramona,  I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how my pup is doing. Drago is a fantastic puppy! I've been taking him on many outings and so far it's all been positive. In a couple of weeks we'll be going to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, so that'll be another adventure for him. He is excellent in the car on long and short trips. He's met several dogs in the neighbourhood and he is very good with them all. There are a couple of dogs that I need to keep him away from though as they are unstable and the owners do not have proper control over them. We are working on his focus and he's picking it up quickly. He loves to use his nose and he loves to carry random objects around in his mouth on our walks. We start puppy classes on Sunday with a training school that has instructors who compete in agility, flyball and obedience. Thanks again for the great pup! We'll be in touch!  Leah

Grizz of Sapphire Mountain: WY

Ramona,  I am in a constant state of gratitude for this pup and for your discerning eye in selecting him as a perfect match for our family. He couldn't be more wonderful! So smart, trainable and and overall good guy. He is the easiest puppy I have ever raised and he is getting so big so fast and he's BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you again! I thought you might like the photos, but I promise I won't send them through his whole life ;)  Warmly,  Amanda
Ramona, He's really a perfect fit and such a good dog! Easy in every way. Thanks for your good eye in selecting him for us.  Warmly,  Amanda

Ghidorah of Sapphire Mountain:
OFA Preliminary Rated: Hips Good / Elbows Normal

The female pup we have here has been a blast to work with. She is still retrieving right to the hand and tugging like crazy. She has good food drive too. Heights do not bother her to the point of being a little bit of a daredevil. She was a little more cautious about playing around the big dogs than Charlotte or Ioshi were. She has settled in around them and plays but seems to keep her head on her shoulders about them. She has very good energy for a little pup. Her ears are both up! And she is gorgeous.