avenna is a well built, elegant dark bi-color of good health. She is very lively in personality, intelligent, with a very good approach to people. She is resilient, has a great capacity to recover quickly from difficulty,  a tough female nothing shakes her. She is strong drive yet she settles in the home and is a lovely, fun female to live and be with.  Ravenna is a good mother to her pups who demonstrate high trainability and drive, good focus in training, very good approach to people and other dogs and are healthy.  Her pups are successfully working in;  SAR, detection, Rally, IPO, and in families. One of her pups training in multiple disciplines was the 2017 winner of the Joriad 
North America Truffle Detection Championship beating out a field of 20 dogs.  Ravenna carries very strong 
working genetics, eight dogs within her 3rd generation pedigreehave been owned and either bred or 
imported by Sapphire Shepherds and used in our breeding program. 
Rocky Venusina sopka
Varna z Pohrancini straze
Rhea of Sapphire Mountain
Mambo z Pohrancini straze
Lary Bret-Bett
Ajsa Bohemia Rom-Pan
Jaxon of Sapphire Mountain
Flame of Sapphire Mountain