Touché offspring;

Hey Ramona,  I just wanted to give you an update on Ares.  He is an awesome dog, and he continues to amaze me every day!  He puts so much enthusiasm and heart into training, regardless of what we are doing.  He is friendly and social with dogs and people, and so confident! His Schutzhund training is really coming along.  He loves to track, his obedience is going very well and he is on the sleeve now at just 7.5 months and I could not be more proud of him.  Attached are some videos of his first bite work session on the sleeve! Sarah


Duncan of Sapphire Mountain: SAR
2016; Dear Ramona, Happy holidays! Hope you, Dan, and the dogs are doing well. Duncan and I are doing great. We had a good backpacking season and some great SAR training opportunities this summer and fall. The GPS collar you donated towards has been a godsend. Duncan usually ranges 150-200 meters away from me when he is working, and I wouldn't be able to navigate nearly as efficiently without it. He's amazing- when he is in scent he takes off like a rocket and I can actually see from his movement on the GPS when he has located the subject. I think we will be ready to certify soon. We are taking our time mostly because I'm new at this. Duncan teaches me more than I teach him. We participated on the SAR float at the Parade of Lights downtown. It was quite the experience. After waiting two hours in the cold, we road the float down Main Street with the ATV and dirt bike team circling us. Lots of lights and noise. We started out just walking behind the float, but Duncan was NOT happy with me about not being first in line. So we got up on the float where he could look out over the crowd. He loves these PR events because of all the attention he gets, and loves seeing the kids especially. He is very good with them. James' nickname for him is "The Happiest Being." We love him. Cheers,  Colin 

Hello Ramona,  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from myself and Duncan. I thought you might like these pictures from our recent snowshoe trips. It's hard to believe how fast he grew up. He has been a great puppy. I get compliments all the time on his stable, lovely temperament. I've only got good things to say about him both as a SAR dog and as an outdoorsy companion. He is growing into a strong and beautiful young adult.
Have a peaceful holiday!

Hi Ramona,   Congratulations on your TD title and multiple certificates!! Xurk and Na Pali look great! Looks like you had a really busy summer. Hope everything is going well and that you are getting some nice fall weather finally.
We just got back from Northwest SARCon after three days of training in the field. We participated in the wilderness air scent workshop for beginning and intermediate dogs. Duncan was exposed to all kinds of new scenarios this weekend: people in trees, inside concrete tubes, on steep slopes with blowdown, rain, rivers, and lots and lots of blackberry brambles. No issues- he goes right to work with huge enthusiasm no matter what they throw at us. We got so many compliments on his drive and energy. He did his first small area search and got an A+ from the instructors. I heard the phrase Wow, that's exciting a lot. :) He is an intense dog, jacked up to level 11 as soon as you take him out of the truck and barks non-stop until he gets to search. We're hoping to certify in about a year from now. I think his hunt drive and search instinct are very good, he just needs to build stamina, grow into an adult, and we have a lot of growing to do as a team. Duncan is an awesome companion outside of SAR training too. He has confident, friendly social behavior with people and is friendly to other dogs, neutral around stock. I've traveled with him across the state a few times and he adjusts very well to new situations. If anything startles him, he generally needs one or two more exposures and then its fine. I'm very impressed with how well he settles wherever I take him. You were right that he's definitely making me step up my game as a handler. I have a hard time envisioning him being happy without some kind of real work to keep him busy.
The skin irritation he had earlier this summer seems to have cleared up. I examined the problem areas carefully and the skin has normal appearance now.. I will definitely let you know if it starts up again in case it turns out he is allergic to something. No other health problems to report. Also I got his weight wrong in my previous email- he is about 70 lbs now. You can see from the photos he is roughly the size of a baby moose!  Best,  Kaitlin

Dori of Sapphire Mountain:
Hi Ramona - I wanted to give you an update on Feenix (Dori - Touche/Basko). To say she is an incredible dog. She has yet to meet a ball she didn't like, and absolutely loves a game of laser tag at night before bed. One of the reasons I choose one of your pups vs. breeder I got my last two GSDs from, was the picture you had of your dogs running across the log, I wanted a stronger, more agile dog than my last one. You delivered, we should have named Feenix - Goat. She has yet to encounter a rock, log, tree stump that she isn't instantly up on. It was a 3 ft leap to get on the one in the picture.  We have done a few very short trail rides so she gets used to being out with the horses. I look forward to her getting old enough to be able to go long distances.  I could go on about her, but instead I'll just say thank you for the care you take to breed such quality dogs.  Denise

Django of Sapphire Mountain: IPO and family.


Hey Ramona, Our pup is doing great. He has not had any health issues. We have started schz training with him and have taken him on all our outdoor adventures. We're really happy with him thank you! Brady