Vlad is a male with very good pigment, overall appearance and good working ability.

Mr. Blondin is retired from the RCMP. He initiated the RCMP Police Service Dog Breeding Program in 1997, for 10 years was responsible for developing their genetics, PSD selection, imprinting and pre-training. 
He consults for various Police Service Dog Breeding Program's internationally as well as, private breeding kennel's.  He has extensive experience in all areas of breeding/selection/imprinting/pre-training/training of dogs and handlers for search and rescue, police, and sport.

In 1993 he and his dog "Sasha"  (one of the oldest dog to compete) won the Best Overall Team award at the Canadian Police Canine Association - Canadian National Police Dog Championships, awarded 1st. in Tracking and Criminal Apprehension, 2nd. place in Evidence Search and Detection (narcotics) Search and 3rd. place in Agility.
In 1996 he and his dog "Riggs" (one of the youngest dog to compete) finished 10th. place Overall in the same trial and was awarded 8th place in Agility, 8th place in the Canine Drag Race, 10th place in Narcotics Search and 13th place in Suspect (Building) Search.
He judged at the C.P.C.A. - Canadian National Police Service Dog Championships in Calgary, Alberta (2000) and Saanich B.C. (2006). 

He operates
Blondin K9 Services Inc., as a Canine Consultant and continues to work with (instruct / quarry) for Search and Rescue, Police and WUSV level competition handlers and their dogs.   He writes / lectures and provides training seminars on various dog related topics.