Bred at Sapphire Shepherds Zoot carries a excellent pedigree of 100% Old  Czech Working blood. These precious lines have been used in abundance for Law Enforcement.  Zoot is a large bi-color male with excellent character and very good working drives; strong retrieve, prey, and hunt drive.  His grips are full and strong.  He is confident in all situations and shows neutral reaction to strangers and animals. He is a dog with stable aggression. His littermate Rhea of Sapphire Mountain was another fine dog from my program that I was fortunate to train with.  Rhea achieved OFA Excellent/Normal, SAR Cadaver Level 1 and produced 3 nice litters for me.  She was later purchased as a brood by the RCMP Police Dog Breeding Program where her genetics are currently being used successfully in their renown Police Dog Program.

At 7.5 years of age Zoot's hips and elbows OFA Certified Good/Normal and I crossed him with my female  Jetta. This litter produce 7 very nice working prospects, one of which I selected as a future Stud Dog Xurk of Sapphire Mountain.  Xurk is titled TD, has excellent hips in the 90th percentile, normal elbows and is one of the finest dogs I have had the honor to own.

Rocky Venusina sopka (sire of Zoot), Rocky was my foundation stud dog for Sapphire Shepherds.  He was an extremely handsome, medium size German Shepherd dog with correct,  strong original conformation type.  He was a very strong working dog with excellent versatility in his working abilities.  He was a passionate retriever and excellent tracker.  He had strong hard defense accompanied with super well balanced working drives.  He had a strong love and will to work and was very agile and tenacious while working. His working bloodlines are outstanding.  Rocky's sire Tom z Pohranicni straze was one of the most successful stud dogs used in the breed of working dogs. He was a Police Service Dog who also became the winner of the 1999  International Stud Dog Show in Bratislava, Slovakia. Rocky's excellent producing dam was Hobby Venusina sopka, FH2, OP1, IPO3, IPO -FH, Czech National Participant. UM' CR', CATC (CZ). World  FH Championships Tracking, Finland, 2003. Hobby placed 7th out of 200 participants with a score of 186! High score that day by winner was 197. World FH Championships Tracking, Slovakia, 2002. Hobby placed 10th with a score of 180. The highest that day was only 193! Hobby possessed the old Czech working blood of the dog Dar z Przma.  Her grandsire Cir z Vrtovske doliny competed numerous times on the Czech Rep., and European levels. Rocky and I attended several Search and Rescue training seminars in Montana and Wyoming and also went through 2 agility classes in Missoula Montana.

Varna z Pohrancini straze (dam of Zoot), one of my excellent foundation brood females here at Sapphire Shepherds.  Varna was one of the last females raised in the renown z Pohranicni straze Police Dog  breeding kennel. Varna was NOT up for commercial sale, I purchased her privately.  A daughter of the great Argo z Travnickova dvora (pedigree very similar to Dargo Ha-Ja-Da), and daughter of Darka z Pohranicni straze. Darka was one of the most intensively used brood females in the z Ps kennel.  She is considered by some to be the finest producing daughter of Grim z Ps and valued highly for her dysplasia free and versatile working progeny. The pedigree of Varna enabled her to produce very successful and versatile working progeny.  Varna was very valuable also as her dam Darka came from 6 generations of puppies who all had perfect hips/elbows. Varna herself came from a 0/0 hip/elbow litter.  Her grandsire Aris z Travnickova dvora was famous for his 0/0 progeny.  Varna was a female with perfect boning and temperament!  She had very strong working drives, strong retrieve and protection but was also a great social dog and very easily controllable.

~The same breeding combination that produced Zoot also produced the following fine dogs~

Chay-Da of Sapphire Mountain:
Cadaver 2, Water Shore, Water Open, Avalanche, Wilderness Search, Trailing 3, HRD, Evidence, Building, Urban, Area. Working Certified Narcotics & Tracking dog for the Grand Teton National Park & Teton County Law Enforcement Departments. 
Hips/Elbows: OFA Good / Normal

Testimonial by owner;
“Chay-Da is the 5th. German Shepherd dog that I have owned and trained (starting at 8 weeks of age) for Search and Rescue and the 3rd dog I’ve trained for narcotics/bomb detection work. In comparison to previous dogs I've owned, his aptitude for learning and his intelligence is the highest. His hunt and prey drive are the perfect combination for producing an excellent working dog. His work ethic and desire to please is excellent. His drive and personality give him the potential to become one of the best working dogs I’ve ever seen. At the very young age of 1 year, Chay-Da certified as a bomb dog through the NPCA. I have since switched him over to Narcotics as there was not enough calls for bombs. At 2 years of age, he is certified in tracking, wilderness, cadaver/HRD, evidence, water and avalanche. His tracking skills is the best of any dog I've owned. Last week on a Law Enforcement callout, he tracked the driver of a vehicle approximately 1 mile and found him in the bushes. Chay-Da has normal social behavior towards people, children, and dogs. His personality is very well rounded which makes him an excellent candidate for any discipline. After he was a year old, I tested him on the sleeve for bite work. His grip is excellent and he would make a good apprehension dog had I prepared him for this line of work as a pup. (Due to search and rescue aspects, I will not be teaching him that discipline). He has wonderful strength of nerve and has absolutely no problem working in different environments and floor surfaces. His retrieve drive is also very high. I have had numerous opportunities to watch other dogs work that were acquired from Sapphire Shepherds breeding program and all of them demonstrate tremendous hunt and prey drive and are great working dogs. They are very quick learners and are highly trainable. If you are considering buying a working dog you will receive an excellent dog from either Sapphire Shepherds or from Chay-da. You can expect (after ratings from puppy tests) a puppy with excellent retrieve, hunt and prey drive, an excellent even temperament and a great desire to please. You won’t be disappointed. Janet Wilts” Wyoming

Rhea of Sapphire Mountain:
: SAR Cadaver Level 1. Rhea received her Cadaver certification under the training/handling of her breeder/owner, Ramona Mogan.
Hips/Elbows: OFA Excellent / Normal.
Breeding female for Sapphire Shepherds and the RCMP Police dog breeding program with her offspring now being used in their program.
Rhea was a extremely smart and agile female.  Easily controllable, very willing to work with strong all round working drives.  Super nerve, and character around all things. She was healthy and a very good brood female from me producing 3 good sized litters of strong pups suited for a wide range of work.  Rhea was sold into the RCMP Dog Breeding Program as a brood female with her offspring now in their program I am told.