Ruta is a lovely, very well bred female with strong social character and working drives.  She was bred at the respected Venusina sopka kennel in the Czech Republic (same kennel our excellent foundation stud dog Rocky Venusina sopka was from).  Ruta is a typical strong DDR female with an extremely dark bi-color coat.  She is an excellent mother to her pups, she adapts immediately to new environments and her ball drive and biting is great.

The dam line of Ruta is excellent, very strong!! 
Her dam Gerda Venusina sopka is a quality IPO3 female and daughter of the excellent Czech stud dog and strong competitor Ero zo Stiavinckych hor.  
Ruta's grand-dam Asia Venusian sopka, was a good female with type and color very close to her grand-dam Hobby Venusana sopka (dam of our foundation stud Rocky Venusian sopka), and the daughter of a very strong competitor at the Czech Rep Championship SchH3, Condor di ca' Bergomi.
Ruta's great grand-dam is Tula Venusina sopka, a black sable female who produced Police Service and Stud Dog York Venusina sopka and Yang Venusina sopka, a competitor in SchH3, IPO3 and excellent stud dog also. Littermate to Tula was Timur who took 3rd place in the Czech Championship at IPO3!   Ruta's dam Gera carries the precious DDR blood of Grischa vom Schwarzen Milan and Endy vom Grenzrasen.  Very strong mother line!!!

The sire of Ruta is of 100% strong DDR blood, Dago von Weltwitz, a top producing stud dog in Europe for the year 2010. Our direct correspondence with people who have used Dago as stud both in Europe and the USA, we are told Dago is a high quality male with very stable character.  His offspring are easy to train, eager to please, clear headed, strong drive yet social pups, working and competing in Law Enforcement, SAR and IPO.  Dago was imported into the USA and used in the Midwest as stud successfully at a well known training and breeding facility of dogs selected for the use of Police Service Dogs, not sport dogs.  We are told had Dago been young enough when imported he would have been used on the street as a PSD.  Knowledgeable breeders have used the Sven x Sindy cross as it is proven to improve the workability of the DDR line while keeping the look of the DDR type in place. 

The pairing of Ruta's parents, Dago and Gera was due to the connection of blood of many great DDR lines.  Ruta will be crossed with several of our own stud dogs of very strong Czech and West German working linage.

"Thank you" to  DVM Vodicka & DVM Divis for another fine German Shepherd!