Oresta z Dalub Bohemia;

(Natasha & Santo's dam)

Titled: ZPO1, ZVV1, SchH1, IPO3.
Breed Survey: 5CV1/P, Selective Breed Class 2.
Show Rating: Very Good
Hips/Elbows: 0/0 (Excellent)
Pedigree: 1 of 2
Offspring: Click here

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Imported by Sapphire Shepherds, Oresta was one of my excellent foundation broods. She was always on the move with something in her mouth. She was always smiling, happy, kind, very driven and smart. Oresta is greatly missed. I am very lucky to have had her, and her offspring in my kennel and now grand-offspring to pass along some of her precious qualities.

By 3 1/2 years of age, Oresta achieved 6 working titles and produced 2 large litters in Europe. Oresta was a very imposing female with very good conformation, attractive medium sable coloring and super social behavior. Her working abilities were outstanding. Oresta carried very high hunt drive, natural un-stimulated prey and was a superb tracker. She was breed surveyed pronounced courage and hardness. She naturally protected her territory and her protection work was hard and real.

Oresta produced excellent working offspring for our kennel. Her offspring carried strong bones, nerves and dark pigmentation. Oresta produced offspring working successfully throughout the world in Police, Detection, breeding kennels, Search and Rescue and Competition areas. The head of genetics for the z Pohranicni breeding kennel states the following about Oresta's offspring: "Her pups at only 6 months of age have super protection and high retrieve drive. None of her pups have had a fault discriminating them from the German Shepherd breed"!

The bloodlines behind Oresta were very interesting. She was a direct line 4-4 on the exceptional and very influential DDR stud Treu v. Schaeferstolz; SP-PS (Certified Border Patrol Dog), ZM, ZVV1. Then V Berry v. Christelas; SchH2, FH, PSH1 and V Gero v. Markersdorf; ZM, IPO3, ZVV2. Her father Fram z Dalub was a National Participant for the World FCI team and was also a National Participant for the World WUSV team. Her grandfather Cak z Labskeho, produced many exceptional working dogs. Cak was a 5 x National Participant for the World WUSV team, a 6 x Participant on the Czech Nationals, and also a National Participant for the World FCI team. Other well known dogs within her pedigree are: Ciro z. Pohranicni straze; ZM, ZVV3, IPO3, PO, UP, ZLP2. Iro z. Pohranicni straze, Zar z Pohranicni straze, Pana z. Pohranicni straze;IPO3, ZLP1, ZM, ZVV2, Elza z. Pohranicni straze and DDR Astor v. Waldidyll; ZVV2, IPO3 and many times present at the Slovakian Championships.