Foundation stud dog for Sapphire Shepherds and son of the legendary Tom z Pohrancini straze.

Sire: Tom z Pohranicni straze: Czech Police Dog, ZVV1, OP1
Winner of the 1999 International Stud Dog Show in Bratislava
Hobby Venusina Sopka: FH2, OP1, IPO3, IPO -FH,
Czech National Participant. UM' CR', CATC (CZ)
Rock's Titles:
CGC, ZVV1, SchH2, IPO2
Show Rating: Very Good
Hips/Elbows: 0/0 (Excellent), DNA
Pedigree: 1 of 2
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Video: 1 2 3  Protection work under gunfire, on hidden sleeve, outdoors, indoors, on slick surface, and obedience.

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Rocky Venusina Sopka has been without a doubt one of the finest dogs I have owned and used for breeding. I have to thank Rocky’s breeder Stanislav Vodicka DVM in the Czech Republic for being able to produce in Rocky, many of the precious qualities that are so valuable in this breed. I personally selected Rocky for the purpose of being my foundation breeding male and I am very grateful that Rocky’s owner had him for sale at that particular time. Rocky died a few months short of his 14th birthday. He was a dog who had excellent health throughout his long life. 5 days before he died he still found joy following me and another dog out into the field for tracking. I appreciate and will remember Rocky for his ability of any work, his love of working with his handler, his health, and for the fact that he threw all of this in high measure to his offspring. As a stud dog Rocky consistently produced as good or better than himself and I was extremely lucky to have experienced this rare dog in my breeding program.

Rocky’s genetics are successfully being used worldwide for various working and personal needs, from Government run police dog breeding centers and training programs to private kennels and owners. Rocky was a handsome bi-colored German Shepherd male with strong original conformation type. His markings and pigment were beautiful. He had an elegant, masculine head with correct ear set. He has been described as a sleeker, elegant version of his sire Tom z Pohranicni straze. Rocky was a very strong working dog with excellent nerve and versatility in his working abilities. He was a passionate retriever and an excellent tracker. He had strong hard defense accompanied with super well-balanced working drives. Rocky had a strong will to work and was very agile and tenacious while working. He was confident, and possessed excellent social behavior. He was a handler responsive dog!

Rocky’s pedigree is full of strong working and producing dogs; Cordon An-Sat, was a great producer of many outstanding working dogs in Slovakia. Iwo v.d. Buschecke, the very influential DDR producing stud dog, and Klara z Pohranicni Straze to name a few. Rocky’s mother Hobby Venusina Sopka along with her grandfather Cir z Vrtovske Doliny has competed numerous times on the Czech Republic and European levels.

Rocky’s father was the legendary Tom z Pohranicni Straze, a renowned Czech Police Dog and producer of many Police Dogs. Tom was without argument one of the most successful stud dogs used in the breed of working dogs. In 1999 Tom became the winner of the International Stud Dog Show in Bratislava, Slovakia, one of the largest working stud dog shows in Europe.

Rocky’s mother was the excellent working and producing female Hobby Venusina Sopka; FH 2, OP 1, IPO 3, IPO -FH, Czech National Participant. UM' CR', CATC (CZ).
#1: Results for World Championships FH track by Hobby Venusina sopka in Finland, 2003 where she came in 7th with a score of 186. Top score that day was 197 out of 200!
#2: World FH Championships in Slovakia, 2002. Hobby Venusina sopka came in 10th with a score of 180. The highest that day was only 193!
Hobby possessed the old Czech working blood of the dog Dar z Przma, who in his time was the most successful producer of working dogs in Czechoslovakia.