“_” of Sapphire Mountain litter; summer 2020

Both Xurk and Fler have good judgment toward other dogs/animals and toward people.  They are large, strong dogs and should produce pups with all these qualities along with good health.  Pups will have required working skills to be trained and used successfully in a number of different areas along with family/personal needs.  Strong working blood for breeding dog programs.
Below; Fler at the beginning of a 30 minute aged track.

Fler earned a CGC title in 2019 and is well started in Tracking. She is a good tracker with nice deep nose and precision.  2020 I may or may not find time or have interest to travel to meets just to get a TD on her.  It is VERY important to train/work your breeding dogs/offspring, but a ribbon/trophy/title will never change the genetics of a dog.