Atlas of Sapphire Mountain

From our frozen semen breeding between Raketa Eqidius & Seattle Washington Police Service Dog  “Donner”, Atlas is a young black & tan male, rated healthy hips/elbows, has strong head/bone and presence, he should mature 77 to 80 lbs.  He has exceptional working blood!! Within his 5 generation pedigree there are many renown working / producing dogs no longer found in the pedigrees of dogs today;
During several weeks at our kennel he has been neutral / not overly friendly to people, took him a couple days to get use to me.  He has strong retrieve drive, likes to drop ball or stick at my feet to throw. He exhibits strong nose down behavior and likes to climb on brush piles and agility equipment. He has solid off leash obedience/responsive to commands and should be able to pass a CGC evaluation with some work. He is dominate to other dogs (does not look to attack but will not back down if pushed). Judging from his character, 2 littermates in SAR training and his exceptional working pedigree, it is safe to say his offspring will be suited for SAR, Detection, Law Enforcement, and family/home protection where owners have experience with German Shepherd dogs.
Khalia has exceptional character around people/kids (raised by her owner in a public school setting), strong nerve, does not look for fights with other dogs, huge working drives, endurance / energy.  She is a female with BOTH brains and balls (and these types of females are rare), lovely dog! CGC titled, owner has trained her in bite work and she is well started in tracking. Lia also has an exceptional working pedigree!
Below are photos of Atlas and Khalia;