UPDATED 5/26/2020;  Current information/photos on BOTH our Sapphire Shepherd & Czech Import pups are in the links below. Check back, new photos added frequently!  (SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW ALL)
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#1; Raketa litter born April 15th.  ALL PUPS RESERVED.
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#2;  Unie litter born April 28th,  ALL PUPS RESERVED.
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#3; Czech Import young female FOR SALE.  Hippie Denbrix; parents dob; Aug 14 2018, Hips/Elbows x-rayed.

(description by breeder) Hippie is big, strong female with powerful chest and large head. Pedigree is full of successful dogs, many of Czech lines used in Police and top sport.  Her character is of working dog, protection is real, with natural aggression and prey drive. She has completed only 5 training sessions of defense, from start without problem on sleeve.
Her prey and hunting drive is middle strong. She is stable and calm in public, but still wary. She is ok with all dogs/puppies in breeders kennel, but she doesn’t like foreign dogs. She has no problem with environment and surfaces, in unknown situation she acts calm. She is house-trained and clean, used to be outside/inside, with her family friendly and playful. She is very good motivated (feed – ball) for obedience training, for personal or service protection.
She is suitable as a family friend (with children), for personal/family or service protection. New owner must have prior experience with working German Shepherd dogs!         CLICK HERE for photos and pedigree