RETIRED: Brook of Sapphire Mountain CGC TD, OFA Good / Normal

Rainsed, trained, titled and owned by breeder. Brook is the daughter of our SG-Rocky Venusina sopka: 0/0, CGC, SchH2, IPO2, ZVV1 & Ajsa Bohemia Rom-Pan 0/0, CGC, TD, TDX, TR3, FH1, BH.  Brook is a healthy (now in her 12th year), very driven female. Her nerves, character and working drives are excellent.  Brook has been a fine brood for us producing healthy, strong working dogs.  Brook is in the pedigree of our dogs today.
Some of our offspring from Brook:
Boss Lady of Sapphire Mountain:  PennHIP 90th Elbows Normal, DM Clear
Ursa of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Fair/Normal, DM Clear, TD
Uma of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good/Normal, SAR Live Find, Moving Subject,  IPWDA Human Remains, Search Water, Land,  IPWDA Crime Scene
Uzziy of Sapphire Mountain: PennHIP 70th
Ulysses of Sapphire Mountain: CGC, BH, SAR Cadaver 1, FH, TD, TDX
OFA Good/Normal, Certified Healthy Eyes.