Czar of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good / Normal (certified at 52 months of age), Frozen semen sold to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Proven producer of SAR & Police Service Dogs!

RETIRED. Son of our SG – Balli Panta-Rei x V – Pen z Jirkova dvora CGC, ZVV1.

Czar was a large, strong male of balanced character, excellent nerve, great health and was long lived.
He was used in real life herding and ranch work on a daily basis.
Having never received any protection training, Czar displayed strong-natural aggression during several real live situations when his owner needed it.

Czar is a proven producer of SAR & Police Service Dogs (RCMP).
SAR Selah of Sapphire Mountain: Trailing 1, Cadaver 1 & 2.
Celtie: BH, Tr1
Tug: RCMP (also producer of PSC’s)
Tessa: RCMP Brood