Dalai of Sapphire Mountain: Normal/Normal, DM Carrier, Full Dentition. Daughter of 2 x WUSV World Champion V Qvido Vepeden (Qvido is Czech Republic bred & resides there with his owner/trainer Václav Ouška)

sire – V Qvido Vepeden 2 x WUSV World Champion (2016 & 2018), IPO 3, 3 x WUSV, 3 x UMM ČKNO.  *(Qvido is Czech Republic bred & resides there with owner/trainer Václav Ouška)
dam – SG Unie Denbrix; 5U1/P I. tř., HD/ED (0/0), IPO 3 (by age 2 years!), BH, ZVV 1 (owner; Sapphire Shepherds).
grand sire – active duty Czech Police dog Lukas z Dvořákova sadu – 100 % Czech bloodline (BH, ZVV 1, FPr 1, SchH 1, IPO 3). Winner of the 2013 Master Police Czech Republic Drug Search.  2014 Championship Winner Foreign Police competition!

Littermates of Dalai;
Dracica: OFA Good / Normal.
Diamond:  DM Carrier, velmi dobrá (SG),   5JV1/P I. třída,  HD + ED A (0/0) CZ,   ZVV 1.

Dalai is from a breeding Sapphire Shepherds requested be done between Qvido and Unie in the Czech Republic.  This litter was whelped with us in Montana.
Dalai will have her first litter spring 2022 and back in Montana 2022 for future brood use
Dalai is owned by Sapphire Shepherds.

My favorite photo above of Dalai with trainer Linda in Montana.