Daughter of Xurk earns BN title with 1st place & CGC

Today Machiavelli of Sapphire Mountain completed her BN title under judges Rose and Harold Doan. She went first place with a score of 190, the highest score in her class of the entire weekend (yesterday she went second with a score of 185.5). Her work ethic is great; she doesn’t lose focus even with all of the distractions around her. She does what she has to do. It was a tough competition, but I’m so proud of her!
She came in second place in her first leg for Beginner Novice title scoring 186/200, mostly due to handler errors.  It was a very busy stadium, distraction were plenty and so many dogs did not score, but she did!  The Judge complimented us on her absolutely beautiful recall. She also earned her CGC we did it! Yay! I’m so proud!  Can’t wait for her first official obedience trial next weekend!