Duncan of Sapphire Mountain Certified SAR K9 NSDA Area Search II, Area Search Live Subject & Cadaver, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, ACT 1, OFA Good/Normal, DM Clear. Littermate Dax of Sapphire Mountain; OFA Excellent/Normal

–  son of our; SG Basko von Grunheide SchH3, IPO3, KKL1, Qualifier for Universal Championships, PennHIP 90th, Elbows Clear, DM Clear Touché of Sapphire Mountain CGC, TD, Good/Normal, DM Clear.
  grandson of our; Santo of Sapphire Mountain; OFA Excellent/Normal, SAR Cadaver, Narcotic certified & Jetta von Feldhaus CGC, Fair/Normal (descendant of Calgary PS (AB, Canada) “Tel” Apollo and Aldo bloodline, Canadian Police Association Championship Trials winners.
–  great grandson of our: SG Rocky Venusina sopka; 0/0, CGC, SchH 2,  IPO 2, ZVV 1 (son of the legendary Tom z Pohranicni straze) & SG Oresta z Dalub Bohemia, ZVV1, ZPO1, SchH1, IPO3, 5CU1/P 2.tr., 0/0
littermate; Dax of Sapphire Mountain; OFA Excellent / Normal
Duncan is a dominate, large-strong male with huge work ethic and excellent health.  He is from a well proven/excellent working pedigree!
-In addition to multiple earned certifications/titles, Duncan successfully completed a 30 hr K-9 Wilderness Air Sent seminar May 16-18, 2017 at Republic Washington SAR Conference.
-Duncan is also well trained in tracking.
-Summer 2020 Duncan earned his ACT 1 Agility title with two perfect runs of 100 point each!

Offspring from Duncan can be used successfully for work (SAR, Law Enforcement) sport training (IGP/AKC), family & personal needs.

Below are photos of Ducan with dam Touché and Dan;

“Ramona,  ….. Thank you for being willing to take him and give him a good life……  My hope is that he can contribute to your program and that you get some amazing, healthy SAR / working dogs out of him. He has been an incredible partner over the years.  – Colin”

Below are photos of Duncan as a pup, littermates and dam; Touché of Sapphire Mountain CGC, TD Good/Normal, DM Clear;