Kona of Mission Mountain; CGC, ACT 1, PennHIP 90th. Elbows Preliminary Normal, DM Clear. Proven producer of numerous SAR / IGP / AKC certified & titled offspring.

– sire;  UM ČR, SG – Bady ze Svobodného dvora. Placed 17th in the Czech Republic for CACIT for 2011 WUSV qualification! ZVV1, IPO3, 1st Class 5CV1/P, 0/0, DNA

Kona is a large, strong male with beautiful allover structure and good pigmentation.  Very healthy dog of solid character and easy going temperament.  He is a male of huge breeding/stud drive, always easily breeds females even the most difficult ones.  He is a very clever/intelligent dog along with high athleticism.
* littermate to Kona; Na Pali of Mission Mountain TD, Good/Normal prelim, DM Clear; also raised/trained/titled by & brood at Sapphire Shepherds, a proven producer of titled & family dogs for Sapphire Shepherds Click Here

Sapphire Shepherds working offspring from Kona listed below;
 – Cato of Sapphire Mountain SAR K9: OFA Fair/Normal, CGC, IPWDA Human Remains Land, IPWDA Human Remains Water, IPWDA Crime Scene,
2019 recipient of Award of Merit from the International Police Working Dog Association. Only three K-9 teams a year are awarded this for demonstrating Professionalism, Discipline & Notable Find. This is a huge honor for Cato, our breeding program and it says alot about Linda’s handling and training ability!
Hemi of Sapphire Mountain: C.A.T., CA, SCN, SIN, SEN, SBN, SWN.
Chase of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good/Normal, CA, NW1 (second Top Overall Placement), NW2 (first place Pronounced – a very tough designation to be awarded!) High in trial. 2 x NW3 (second Top Overall Placement out of 35 dogs!) & (first place).
NW3 Elite title (awarded with two High in Trials and a second place overall!).
 – Nodin of Sapphire Mountain: SAR K9, Cadaver 1 & 2 (1 received at the young age of 14 months), Open Water & Shore, Wilderness Area, Evidence, CGC.
 – Cinder of Sapphire Mountain: MX, MXB, MXJ (NA, NF, OAJ, AXJ, PAD, MJB, AGCH, NAJ, OA, AX, MXS, PJD, MATCH).
 – Boss Lady of Sapphire Mountain: PennHIP 90th. Elbows Preliminary Normal, DM Clear, trained Tracking dog.
 – Charlotte of Sapphire Mountain: PennHIP 90th / Normal, BH, IPO1 (94-87-94) High in Trial, Tr1, FH1, TD, Dock Diving National Qualifier at first Trial, OFA Eyes Normal.