Email and photos received on a dog from our breeding program.

Hi Ramona,
My husband and I thought we might distract ourselves from the worries of the world by looking at puppies on your website. This got me thinking that I haven’t updated you in awhile,  since Eloise turned 5 on March 16th,  It seems time.

Eloise continues to be our families loyal and loving pet. She is attached to our family in a way only GSD’s seem to be, but she is also very friendly and happy to make new friends. I put a lot of effort into training and socializing her and the end result is exactly what I hoped for; the best family dog we could have ever wanted.

Here are some recent photos of Eloise and our family. She is currently in the center of our king sized bed where she sleeps every night.
Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog, we love Eloise so much!
Stay well,
-Sandi Beers