Son of Ex – Na Pali Herding & Barn Hunt update!

Hi Ramona,  Just saying hi! Playing in the woods after a 2 hour barn hunt practice 🙂 We mostly just worked on Wraiths obedience skills at the barn. With all the action and commotion he did wonderfully. He’s getting much better at not barking at other dogs, I can easily redirect him onto a treat and continue working now. He’s a great boy! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!  He’s doing great in class.  Took him to my sisters for Easter where he met new dogs and human babies too and he did great!  We stopped at Home Depot on the way home and he had a blast meeting all the people. We are working with livestock.  He is no longer afraid of the goats, he has been helping me put them away.  He’s a smart youngster, he knows not to make eye contact with the mean one!  Oh and he is ball OBESSED!  He refused workers  Amanda