Family homes can sometimes be the finest envirment for a dog. The gifts and lessons the dog brings to the family is ever lasting and immeasurable as is well stated in the email we received below…..

Hello Ramona,
About ten years ago, our family acquired our dog Gita from Sapphire Shepherds.
Sadly, last night Gita passed away. She had been struggling with several different medical issues for the past year, and last evening it became apparent that her suffering was both incapacitating and irreversible.
Our whole family is grieving this loss. We have had many dogs as part of our family over our lives, but Gita was different than any other. She was brilliant, kind, discerning and unwaveringly loyal. I truly admired her quality of character as I would a great  human being. She was the dedicated protector of our family as our children grew up. I’m certain she couldn’t have been more dedicated to our boys if they were her own pups.
So I write this letter to thank you. Your pursuit of great German Shepherds blessed our family beyond words. You truly gave us a member of our family, and our lives would have been so much less full had she never been with us.
Best Regards,
John and Tamara Holtzen