RETIRED: V-Pen z Jirkova dvora, CGC, ZVV1 (98-79-92,) 5JX1/P 1st Breed Class, 0/0

Czech Import, dam of our Czar of Sapphire Mountain Good/Normal, Frozen semen purchased by the RCMP. V rated beautiful female, Pen had social behavior, a lively personality with strong tracking and protection skills!  Excellent brood to her pups, she produced hard, healthy dogs and had many fine offspring for us! Pen was the daughter of 2*UM CR V-Gero z Blatenskeho zamku, 5JVQ1/P, a(0/0), OP1, ZM, ZPS1, IPO3, SchH3, ZVV3 & V-Ajka z Jirkova Dvora, 5JI2/P, a(0/0), ZVV1
The strong genetics of Pen remain in our kennel today!!
Some of our offspring from Pen:
Czar of Sapphire Mountain: Good/Normal, semen sold to RCMP. Proven producer of Police dogs.
Kiera of Sapphire Mountain: SAR dog multiple certified MT. Owned by DVM Gina Clouse
Zeke Daniels: National Competitor SchH3 High in trial all 3 phases 91-92-98.
Award of VP 3 (highest conformation rating a 6-9 month old can receive).
SchH1, High in Trial 100-96-100. SchH2 very high scores 98 – 96 – 95. OFA Good
V-Otto of Sapphire Mountain: CGC, BH, AD, TD, TDX, IPO3, SchH3,  FH1
Breed Survey: KKL 1 LBZ, OFA Good / Normal. a normal
Rain of Sapphire Mountain:
Black Pearl of Sapphire Mountain:  OFA Good / Normal
Lenore of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good (at 6 years of age)