RETIRED: SG-Oresta z Dalub Bohemia, ZVV1, ZPO1, SchH1, IPO3, 5CU1/P, 0/0

Czech Import.  Dam of our Santo of Sapphire Mountain & Natasha of Sapphire Mountain, Oresta was a strong, healthy female with outstanding character and working drives!  Oresta was an excellent brood to her pups and produced many exceptional examples of the German Shepherd breed. Oresta was the daughter of SG-Fram z Dalub Bohemia 5VQ2/P, a(0/0), SchH1, IPO2, ZVV1 & G-Anja z Lotrounsko 5CU1/N, 0/0, ZVV1, OP1.  This exceptional females genetics can be found in several of our current dogs!
Some of Oresta’s offspring:
Santo of Sapphire Mountain:
OFA Excellent/Normal, SAR Cadaver 1, Narcotics cert.  Frozen semen sold to New Zealand Police Breeding & Training Center.
Natasha of Sapphire Mountain: TD, OFA; Good/Normal.
Nikki of Sapphire Mountain: Working Security dog
Nike of Sapphire Mountain: SAR Cadaver, Trailing, Air Scent, Water, HRD NSDA
Osa of Sapphire Mountain: SAR Cadaver 2/HRD/Water Open/Water Shore/ Trailing 3/Air Scent/Evidence/Urban Trailing/Certified Working Narcotics dog Lewis & Clark County MT. Hips x-rayed healthy by owner.
Kaia of Sapphire Mountain: BH, PennHIP pass states owner.
Suka of Sapphire Mountain: AXP, BH, CDX, MX, MXF, MXJ, OA, NAJ, NAC, RE, Certificate of Herding Instinct.