Flér Denbrix CGC, PennHIP 0.29 / 0.30 (healthy hips above bred average of 0.42) OFA Preliminary Rated Elbows Normal

Flér Denbix CGC is a imported young female, bringing outside blood of Czech / West German lines that will blend with a number of our stud dogs at Sapphire Shepherds. 
Sire of Flér;
V Red Bull ze Stříbrného kamene , Czech GSD Youth Championship 2017- 1st place, Junior Champion.  BH – 58 pt.   FPr 1 – 100 pt.   IPO 2 – 286 points (98, 96, 92). IPO 3 – 275 points (84(without an article), 95, 96)
dam of  Flér;
SG Qessie Denbrix, BH, IPO 3 ( by age 2 with 270 pts. qualifying for Czech Nationals trail).

Flér with mother Qessie in Montana, 2018.

Flér spring 2019.

Young 5 month old Flér

Flér as a pup, with some of her littermates in Montana.  Xurk in background.

Flér as a pup with ball and some of her littermates in Montana.