#1; “G” of Sapphire Mountain litter. Date of birth; 09/13/19.

Available now, 1 large, vet checked healthy black female available for pick up or shipping from Montana! She is social, beautiful, nice training drives, crate trained, travels in auto well and clean habits both in house and kennel has been imprinted.  Of quality working genetics for trainability, health, family and personal protection needs.  Should also do very well with person / family of  dog experience who is active and will be involved in the upbringing of this gorgeous pup.

Brave pup!  First time crossing the log over our creek.  She needed no assistance or coaxing.  Below she spent the day helping get firewood, was around running chainsaw and equipment.

Below photo; Black female far right is available

Below male nice pup, very good looking and he is SOLD!
Below photo; Road trip visiting friends, these pups made themselves at home with strangers, playing hard and then acted like lap dogs for a short time:) Pups are crate trained and well on their way to being housebroke. Female pup laying down is AVAILABLE

Below; Yazzy (one of our finest broods) and her healthy litter of 11 strong pups.
3 very nice pups are available and shown in above photos.

Below are parents of the “G” litter.  Yazzy & Bonatti, both CGC titled, hips/elbows x-rayed and from Sapphire Shepherds breeding program.

Below; photos / emails from owners of previous offspring of Yazzy working in SAR / family protection

Ramona!  Scout had her 3rd find today and she isn’t even 2 yet!  Man lost for 5 days found alive today by Andrew / Scout. This team is a rock star.  Thanks for your great breeding program.  Aiko

Hi Ramona,  Yesterday was the 2 yr anniversary of picking up Reagan.  I just wanted to say “thank you”.  She is an amazing dog, the best thing that has happened in my life.  Her willingness to work and please me is more than I could have asked.  She is social, high drive and I trust her with my life everywhere I go.  I’m not sure what else someone could ask for. Brenden

Hi Ramona,  Just wanted to let you know Quinn is doing well. He’s a very active pup, I like that. Excellent temperament. His training is coming along. I take him with me wherever I go and he likes to ride in the car. Gave him a bath today he was pretty good with it. I get a lot of compliments on him. Here’s a photo of him at a park in Hamilton.  I’ll keep you updated.  Bob

Good morning, Ramona!  Nox has settled in with our family and is best friends with our 4-year-old daughter. She is definitely a working line dog and excels at training! She breezed through obedience training and has started protection work. I love taking her to training. She is a joy to work with, is highly intelligent and quickly adapts to new environments without fear (thanks to your work). While she also excels in agility, it is very apparent that her true calling is in bite work.  Watching her natural instincts take over is incredible.
Ramona, your dogs are second to none. Nox is exactly how you described her and we couldn’t be happier with our girl.  Hope all is well with you!!  Much love,  Dawn

Thanks Ramona, They have brought so much joy we absolutely love them to pieces.  They are truly remarkable and have such huge personalities, couldn’t be any more happy!  Would do the round trip again in a heart beat.  Sheila, CANADA