Hi Ramona, I can’t believe it’s been just over a week since we picked up Ridge. We are in love with him! Ridge has to be the smartest, bravest pup we’ve ever had. He’s not made a mistake in the house, whines to go out to potty, very content when he goes in his crate a night (next to my bed), sleeps through the night, comes when we call him and just about has the sit command mastered. We’ve kept him so busy that from the second we returned home, he’s never cried for his mom or siblings. He’s attached to our son and is anxious to grow a little more so he can play with our two older pups. I attached photo that I took in our backyard this morning. I will follow this email with some fun pics I’ve taken of Ridge settling in the house over the past week. We are thrilled to be a part of your Sapphire Shepherds Family. Regards, Carla, David and Carson Knoll (more nice photos posted, click on photo to open)