Two of our dogs IPWDA SAR re-certification Human Remains Search – Land, PASS!!

Congratulations goes out to Linda and her SAR K9 Uma & SAR K9 Cato on passing their re-certification tests!  These tests are not easy on dog or handler, especially on a extremely hot day on the east coast!!
IPWDA Master Trainer Comments & Remarks on Linda & K9 Cato;
-Excellent job, Cato was very sure of himself and Linda did not hesitate to call it correctly. This team is experienced and has performed very well. Excellent job.
-Time/date search area set up: 7:15 AM 6-29-28, time/date test started: 4:42 PM 6-29-18, time delay 8 hours 27 minutes. Two (2) testing aids were placed, aid #1 was an 8 oz jar aged tissue buried 6″ deep and buried in the open field. Aid #2 was a small cloth with decomposition fluid on it placed in an 8 oz aerated jar and hidden above surface in a wood pile and covered over. Weather conditions at time of testing are 90 degrees, slight changing wind, sunny hot. Test area consists of half pine trees and half open field with tall stray grass and weeds. Soil brown, sandy loam , tightly packed. Natural occurring animal remains, dens and other distractions were abundant in this area. K-9 Cato has a down trained indication. Handler chose to quarter the wind and cover the open field first. K-9 Cato quickly picked up scent and lead handler to the above surface source and gave an excellent down, refind and down again indication! Team continued searching the field area and Cato performed a solid down, refind and down again indication on the buried source. Total time on search was 14 minutes.
IPWDA Master Trainer Comments & Remarks on Linda & K9 Uma;
-Delay: @ 15 hours; Start: 8:45AM / 9:05 elevated find / 9:40 buried find; Down Indications Linda had a good search strategy covering the area adequately for the vegetation and terrain. Uma ranged out nicely and had good endurance for the entire search. Uma showed good alert behavior in the scent cone and Linda recognized these alerts. Linda was able to read her dog correctly and kept working these areas until Uma gave good final indications at each source. Nice Job!
-Cloudy/Rain/@70 degrees; @2 acre Wooded Area – Thick to Moderate vegetation/ Location – Ladd Center in Exeter 2 Sources: 1 Buried: @16 oz Tissue aged around 3 years buried @ 10 inches – loose soil under downed tree 1 Elevated: @ 2 oz Fat/Skin elevated in bush @ 4 feet.