RETIRED: Jetta vom Feldhaus, OFA Fair / Normal

Canadian born, owned by Ramona Mogan.  Daughter of SG-Showorks Razor BH, AD, from Canadian Police Service Dog working & producing lines including the 1984 & 1989 Winner’s of the Canadian Police Dog Championships! & Foxie van den Biezenhoeve littermate to Frodo; “a”1, normal, SCH3, HPO3, IPO3. 2010 FCI World Team Hungary, Finland (age of 3). WUSV World Team, Hungary; Spain 2010. AWDF Nationals 2010. WDC Nationals 2010
Jetta has excellent nerve, health, and very balanced drives. A lovely female to be around and from a very strong working pedigree, her sires side in particular is of high value to us!!  Jetta was an exceptional brood female and we are very fortunate to have some of her finest offspring and grand-offspring being used in our program!!!
Some of our offspring from Jetta:
Xurk of Sapphire Mountain: DM Clear, PennHIP 90th / Normal, TD, TDU
Touché of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Preliminary Rated Good/Normal, DM Clear, TD
SG-Little Bear of Sapphire Mountain: KkL 2016-2017, OFA Good/Normal, BH, AD, TR3, IPO3 High in Trail, 96 Tracking, IPO2 1st Place
Cato of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Fair/Normal, CGC SAR, IPWDA Human Remains Land, Water, CGC, OFA Fair/Normal
Chase of Sapphire Mountain: Nw1
Cinder of Sapphire Mountain: NA, NAJ, OA
Charlotte of Sapphire Mountain: PennHIP 90th / Normal, BH, IPO1, Tr1, TD, OFA Eyes Normal