(Bacara may be offered FOR SALE spring 2020, contact us if you would like to be considered) SG Bacara Denbrix; DM: Clear, 1st Breed Class, 5U1/P, HD/ED; 0/0, ZVV 1.

Good sized female with pedigree belonging to majority of Czech blood. 
Sire: ÚM ČR, ÚM MSKS, ÚMM ČKNO ZVV 3 V Vrisco Niox; BH, ZPO 1, IPO 3 . 
Dam is SG Unie Denbrix; ZVV1, IPO 3  by age 2, (owned by Sapphire Shepherds). Offspring should be suited for SAR,  Police, IPO, family. 
Genetics will be a strong addition to working dog breeding programs.
Due to the fact we have her mother in our program, her half sisters being prepared and want to focus on dogs from our own breeding program, we MAY consider selling Bacara spring 2020 contact us for consideration. 

Photo below of Bacara and Xurk.