SG Bacara Denbrix; DM Clear, 1st Breed Class, 5U1/P, HD/ED; 0/0, ZVV 1.

Good sized female with pedigree belonging to majority of old Czech blood.
Sire: ÚM ČR, ÚM MSKS, ÚMM ČKNO ZVV 3 V Vrisco Niox; BH, ZPO 1, IPO 3. 
Dam: SG Unie Denbrix; ZVV1, IPO 3  by age 2, (owned by Sapphire Shepherds). 
Below photo taken March 27, 2020 Bacara and her 7 week old litter of 11 pups from Xurk.

Photo below of Bacara and Xurk.