Nice email and photo from owner of a Xurk/Yazzy pup in Hamilton. Owner is a very experienced GSD owner/trainer.

Hi Ramona
Just  a quick note Quinn is doing great, he is a great puppy. Weighs 25 lbs. eating 3 chicken thigh a day. Likes to ride in the  car. Tries to climb in by himself, still needs a little boost but soon he will make it on his own. I think he is a very smart pup. Great temperament nothing has bothered him   The vacuum , stairs ,I have  had him downtown the traffic doesn’t scare him greets everybody he sees. I am keeping away from dogs course. Gets his next shots on Tuesday. He’s been in Murdoch’s ,Home Depot Petsmart, and Lowe’s. Riding in a shopping cart.  Quinn is doing a good recall and sit and waits to get out of his crate, impressive for almost 11 weeks. Tell Daniel hi
Attached photo; Spent this morning shoveling snow and he was a lot of help.