Our Czech Import pups & young adults we have sold in USA & CANADA;

Below; J litter female with owners adult Police Service Female.

Below: J litter male, owner Celine with start for Law Enforcement.

Below; Iggy, family dog CANADA
Linda, Thank you so much, we love our new dog!

Cheyenne, Family dog, son of Charisma
Hello Ramona, I received the papers and he is doing great. Very smart, loves to play all day, has a lot of energy lol. But he’s a great fit into our family. He is beautiful,  we love him. Thank you again. Shawn, California

Iron; Family dog Colorado

Hill / Hasso / Hunter / Homer / Hurricane;

Fler / Foxy / Fren / Falco, all placed in Montana;

Grizzly; Alaska / Gizzy; New York / Gabreta / Guaner, male pup purchased for IPO, New York

Charlota in CANADA / Chelsee / Cheyene; Califonia / Christian; Law Enforcement OH