RETIRED: SG Qessie Denbrix; 5V1/P I. tř. chov. HD/ED 0/0, BH, IPO 3 (at 2 yrs of age 270 points, qualifier for Czech National trials)!

sire – ÚM ČR Fred Denbrix, rated výborný (excellent) – hard nerves, good balance, self-confident dog, participant of Czech National IPO3 trials.
Mother of Fred; top female ÚM ČR Xarah Rapačov participant of many  ZVV3/IPO3 trials, preforming with strong nerves, natural defense and behavior.
dam –  ÚM MSKS IPO Unny Majorův háj of the legendary bloodline from Car z Kostolianskej cesty.
Qessie earned
her IPO 3 within her 2nd year.
Offspring of Qessie;
Eiger of Sapphire Mountain Fast normal / Normal