RETIRED: SG Qessie Denbrix; 5V1/P I. tř. chov. HD/ED 0/0, BH, IPO 3 (at 2 yrs of age 270 points, qualifier for Czech National trials)!

Qessie is a medium sized, strong working female passing exam IPO3 at the young age of two years – 270 points (qualifying for Czech National trials). She is social with good nerve/clear head, a dog for high competition / trials, calm / quiet at home / kennel but when training starts she quickly switches to full training mode and high temperament. Very good interest in her puppies. With other dogs she is dominant, but fully manageable.
has a lot in common with her “sister” Unie Denbrix IPO 3 (also IPO 3 by 2 years / owned by Sapphire Shepherds) from their mother ÚM MSKS IPO Unny Majorův háj of the legendary bloodline from Car z Kostolianskej cesty.
Father of Qessie is ÚM ČR Fred Denbrix, rated výborný (excellent) – hard nerves, good balance, self-confident dog and participant of Czech National IPO3 trials!  Mother of Fred is a top female of good health ÚM ČR Xarah Rapačov – participant of many  ZVV3/IPO3 trials, preforming exams with strong nerves, natural defense and behavior.

Qessie joins us in Montana along with her daughter Flér Denbrix.