SAR HRD & Trailing young prospect in training, “Gendarme of Sapphire Mountain” son of Yazzy & T Bonatti of Sapphire Mountain

Hi,  I thought I’d give you an update on Elvis. We survived his puppyhood.  I’ve spent the whole Covid with him and worked him in HRD daily. I am retired so I’m at home all day. Maybe it’s age, maybe training but he has turned into the best dog ever, great work ethic and has become an HRD and Trailing machine. He will be a year old next month and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been hot lately and he loves the water and swimming. Unfortunately, there were no swimming pools to be had on the East Coast so I have been using stock tanks for him to lay in.
I hope to get him certified in November, as I attend an HRD workshop every year in Tenn. with the American Working Dog Association. I am afraid it will be cancelled but hopefully not.   Anyway, thanks again for a great dog. Here is a photo of him.  Kathy