SG – Balli Panta-Rei: 0/0, 2. tr., 5CY5/55, SVV1, ZPS1, SchH3, IPO3, ZVV3. Winner of the ZVV3 Protection phase at the 2003 Czech Rep. National Competition

RETIRED. Owner Ramona Mogan. Slovakia Import and sire of our Czar of Sapphire Mountain.  Balli along with USA bred Donner, are the only two black and tan stud dogs Sapphire Shepherds have introduced into their breeding program. The pedigrees of both these outstanding dogs, represent the ultimate collection of top working lines!!
Balli (along with our other ZVV 3 titled males) earned his ZVV3 title 15-20 years ago, at a time when the ZVV3 title was more difficult and more demanding then it’s modern day requirements.

Balli was the son of SG-Manto v. Kahlenbach Kkl 1., a-normal, SchH3 & 2* UM, G-Arne Egidius a normal, 5CKU5/55, SVV2, SchH3, IPO3  
Balli’s pedigree brings the line of Ingo v. Rudingen originating in former East Germany.  Also from his sire’s side there is the valuable blood of v. Kirschental renowned for breeding dogs used by shepherds for guiding and protecting flocks of sheep. From his mother side there is extremely interesting old Czech and Slovakian blood. These bloodlines are represented in the majority of dogs from Czech and Slovakia that regularly take part in GS World Championships (WUSV).
Among many successes of these lines it is worthy to note 2 of Balli’s half brothers placed as the most successful competitors in NAPD/National Association of Police Dogs.
Balli was a perfect stud dog capable of everyday training combined with valuable balanced character. He preformed all disciplines with full assignment. He was absolutely solid nerved, had very high working drives along with extremely hard defense and perfect tracking.  Balli was a very healthy and long lived dog:
IPO1 – 94/82/100
IPO2 – 100/86/100
IPO3 – 88/84/98
Balli’s dam Arne was an excellent retrieve with great possessive ability and a never tiring temperament.  She had very clean, strong bites and a deep nose during tracking.  Most of her life she was used in breeding as the foundation female for the Slovak kennel Panta-Rei.  Her direct descendants ( Acigo, Biani & Balli Panta-Rei, Nike Egidius) were participants of the Slovak Republic Championships as well as in qualifying competition for the World Championships.  The son of Biani Panta-Rei was very successful during the World Championship WUSV 1999 (98-95-93).  Some of Arne’s accomplishments are:
*Participated several times, qualifying in competitions for the World Championship FCI & WUSV as well as International competition C.A.C.I.T (Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, The Netherlands).
*1995 6th place Slovak Republic Championships FCI
*1995 19th place C.A.C.I.T Tilburg, The Netherlands (93-95-94)
*1999 1st place as the Best Brood Female in competition for the year.
Some of our offspring from Balli:
Czar of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good/Normal (at 52 months of age), Frozen semen purchased by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), a proven producer of PSD’s.
Black Pearl of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good/Normal
Lenore of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good (at 6.5 years of age)
Rain of Sapphire Mountain: BH

Ball Panta-Rei at Sapphire Shepherds