SG – Basko von Grunheide: KKl.1, PennHIP 90th Elbows clear, SchH3, IPO3, Qualifier for Universal Championships

RETIRED. Basko is a very strong, dominate male of West German working blood.  He accomplished much in his young age competing twice at the Canadian German Shepherd Dog Championships, first time at only two years.  A athletic male with very good overall structure, Basko has high prey drive, high aggression, excellent natural searching instinct/ability and sound nerves.  His Breed Survey states the following;   Recommended to improve working abilities.
He has been very healthy (still a active dog 2021).  He has sired many working and family dogs for our program and clients.  We refer to him as the ‘Old Warrior’.  Basko is in the pedigree of our dogs today.
Some of our offspring from Basko:
Ursa of Sapphire Mountain: DM Clear, OFA Fair/Normal, CGC, TD
Uma of Sapphire Mountain: SAR Certified Live Find, Moving Subject, IPWDA Human Remains Search-Water, IPWDA Crime Scene. CGC, OFA Good/Normal
Yazzy of Sapphire Mountain: DM Clear, OFA Fair/Normal, CGC, CGCA, ACT 1
Imrich of Sapphire Mountain: SAR, CGC, Truffle detection dog Winner of the 2017 JORIAD Truffle Dog Championship (out of 20 dogs), Novice A Rally, SARSOG (Single Odor Games), NW1 (fastest time container portion),NACSW NW 2
Duncan of Sapphire Mountain: SAR NSDA Area Search II, Area Search Live Subject, Cadaver, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, ACT 1, OFA Good/Normal