SG – Lary Bret-Bett: 1st Breed Class 5Y1/N, 0/0, ZVV3, FROZEN SEMEN owned

Lary earned (along with our other ZVV 3 titled males) his ZVV3 title 15-20 years ago, at a time when the ZVV3 title was more difficult and demanding then it’s modern day requirements.
-sire SG – Cak Pisecna boure: 1. tr., 5CY1/P, a0/0, FH2, ZVV1, VZ1, ZPO1, SchH-A, ZPS1, SchH3.
-dam G – Oni Honajzer: 2. tr., 5CKY1/N, a(0/0),  ZVV1.

Former head of breeding for the government ran z Pohranicni straze kennel had this to say about Lary;
:“Hello Ramona, He has gained ZVV3 in 2005, with me. He is the only son of CAK with ZVV3. His progeny I know has great retrieve drive, great biting and excellent working willingness. Their use is in S&R, Law Enforcement and top Sport. Lary has been used in different kennels. Lary keeps the hips clean very well. His progeny is full of energy with good pigmentation, great ball and prey drives and excellent biting. His progeny is medium large, with lot of energy and working abilities for any purpose. He has excellent blood from both sides. I use him to breed to any line I have because he is a great refresher of my blood.  Best Regards, Jiri“.

Lary is the pedigree of our following dogs:
Flame of Sapphire Mountain: DM Clear, OFA Good/Normal, Working security Dog

Yazzy of Sapphire Mountain: DM Clear, OFA Preliminary Elbows Normal, PennHIP .36/.39, CGC, CGCA, ACT 1
Ravenna of Sapphire Mountain:  OFA Good/Normal
Khalia of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good/Normal, CGC, ACT 1

Natasha, Lary & Dan.

Dan & Lary