RETIRED: SG Raketa Eqidius; A/A, Kkl, 5CV5/45-P, CGC, BH, SVV 1 (98-92-94), littermate Rico; 2019 WUSV Participant!!

–  Raketa’s littermate;  Rico; 0/0, IGP3, 2019 WUSV Participant.

sire – LGA, LG FCI, V rated; Alli von dunklen Zwinger Kkl.1,SchH2, FH1, IPO3, ZW: 75 earned SchH1 (98 92-97) Letzte IPO3, LG FCI-97-91-96 2011 and awarded KKL. 1, with the addition; commendable courage and fighting instinct.  The Körmeister also stated this male had “the best protection service of all the males of the event“.
dam – SG rated; Eischa Eqidius SVV1, 1st. class breed surveyed

Raketa is a beautiful female with exceptional temperament, nerve, working drives, and pedigree. She is an excellent brood and has produced both working and family offspring for our kennel. 
Finley of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Good/Normal, DM Clear, Full Dentition, Certified Narcotics & Trailing dog, CGC, ACT 1.  
– SAR K9 Falcon of Sapphire Mountain: IPWDA Certified Human Remains Detection.
– Fiona of Sapphire Mountain: CGC, TKN
– Flint of Sapphire Mountain: TKN
– Faro of Sapphire Mountain: SAR in training
– SAR K9 Archer of Sapphire Mountain: IPWDA Trailing, CGC, OFA Full Dentition, Fair / Normal.
– SAR K9 Alibi of Sapphire Mountain: Basic Land Cadaver, IPWDA Crime Scene, IPWDA Human Remains Water Recovery, CGC, DM Clear, OFA Full Dentition.

Below are all photos of Raketa in Montana;

Summer 2020, Raketa enjoying her retired life with Joe!