SG Raketa Eqidius; A/A, Kkl, 5V5/45-P, BH, SVV 1 (98-92-94)

Daughter of a LGA, LG FCI, V rated, Kkl.1,SchH2, FH1, IPO3, ZW: 75 sire & SG rated , SVV1, 1st. class breed surveyed dam. Raketa’s sire earned SchH1 (98 92-97) Letzte IPO3, LG FCI-97-91-96 2011 and awarded KKL. 1, with the addition; commendable courage and fighting instinct.  The Körmeister also stated this male had “the best protection service of all the males of the event“.
Raketa is an absolutely beautiful female with exceptional temperament, nerve, excellent working drives, pedigree and pigment. And she is an excellent brood to her pups! This proven female of outside bloodline was privately purchased for the purpose of crossing with our renown strong male lines from which we have her lovely, healthy young daughter “Alibi” in training and will be a future brood for our program.