SG – Rocky Venusina sopka: 0/0, CGC, ZVV1, SchH2, IPO2. Foundation stud dog for Sapphire Shepherds. Son of renowned Czech Police Dog Tom z Pohraniční Stráže.

RETIRED. Czech Import, owned by Ramona Mogan.
sire  –  renown SG -Tom z Pohraniční Stráže; a0/0, 2 tr., 5CVQ1/P, SP-PS (Czech Police Service Dog) ZVV1, OP1, Winner of the 1999 International Stud Dog Show in Bratislava. Unquestionably, the best producer of Police Service Dogs in the Czech Republic.
dam  –  excellent working/producing female UM’ CR’, CATC (CZ) SG – Hobby Venusina sopka;  a(0/0), 1 tr., 5JKX1/P, FH2, OP1, IPO3, IPO-FH, Czech National Participant, World FH tracking Championships Finland 2003 (7th out of 200 participants, score 186, highest that day was 197). World FH Tracking Championships Slovakia 2002 (placed 10th, score 180, highest that day was 193).
Rocky is in the pedigree of our current breeding stock.  He produced many fine dogs for our working and family clients. A fine dog in all areas throughout his long life, very fortunate to have owned Rocky!
Some of our working offspring from Rocky:
 – Santo of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Excellent/Normal, SAR Cadaver 1, Narcotics certified, owned & trained by Ramona Mogan, Frozen semen purchased by the New Zealand Police Dog Breeding and Training Center
 – Rhea of Sapphire Mountain: OFA Excellent/Normal, SAR Cadaver 1, owned & trained by Ramona Mogan. Purchased by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Breeding program
 – Brook of Sapphire Mountain OFA Good/Normal, CGC, TD, owned & trained by Ramona Mogan
 – Natasha of Sapphire Mountain OFA Good/Normal, TD, owned & trained by Ramona Mogan
 – Zeke Daniels National Competitor, OFA Good, SchH3 High in Trial all 3 phases 91-92-98.
Award VP 3 (highest conformation rating a 6-9 month old can receive).
SchH1 High in Trial 100-96-100. SchH2 very high scores of 98 – 96 – 95.
– V Otto of Sapphire Mountain Kkl.1 LBZ,  OFA Good/Normal, a normal, CGC, BH, AD, SchH3, TD, TDX, FH1 
– Chay-Da of Sapphire Mountain 
Cadaver 2, Water Shore, Water Open, Avalanche, Wilderness Search, Trailing 3, HRD, Evidence, Building, Urban, Area. Working Certified Narcotics & Tracking dog for Grand Teton National Park & Teton County Law Enforcement Departments. OFA Good / Normal
 – Kiera of Sapphire Mountain
SAR K9 multiple certified, MT owner DVM Gina Clouse
 – Kaia of Sapphire Mountain
BH, PennHIP healthy
 – Nike of Sapphire Mountain SAR K9 Cadaver, Trailing, Air Scent, Water, HRD (NSDA). Alaska
 – Nikki of Sapphire Mountain Working Security dog
 – Brooke of Sapphire Mountain
SAR K9 CGC, Avalanche Rescue, Wilderness Search Dog (Live), (IPWDA) Basic Area, Basic Cadaver, (Tri-State) Cadaver.
 – Suka of Sapphire Mountain AXP, BH, CDX, MX, MXF, MXJ, OA, NAJ, NAC, RE, Certificate of Herding Instinct
 – Osa of Sapphire Mountain SAR K9 Cadaver 2, HRD, Water Open, Water Shore, Trailing 3, Air Scent, Evidence, Urban Trailing, Certified Working Narcotics dog  Lewis & Clark County, hips x-rayed healthy by owner